This page is for the very Superior "BSA B40 Faber" framed "Otter" "Bessie".


Built by Paul Beswick.



Paul built the machine in 2004-2006.


 He started with a run down B40 trials bike, and then ordered a frame from Howard Fawkes to start the re build.

Forks are Betor, a mix of Ossa sliders, Bultaco stanchions, the front hub is one of those realy good Grimeca units, the rear hub is one from Alan Whitton a very early one of his cnc'ed units.

Anyway, the frame from Howard arrived ? eventually, never the fastest manufacturer.


Paul started to build the frame up with components he had.

And what you may not realise is, that Paul, is the Grumpy Old Man from Trials Central.

"Old Trials Fanatic", or OTF, to his friends.


Well the bracketry was not quite to Paul's liking ? As Howard and Sammy Miller had designed them for the components that Sam sold, and not to the liking of OTF.




 The exhaust bracket was in the wrong place. 

Well it was for the Terry Weedy silencer, and not the more exotic system that Paul had made. I did like that though Paul, and intend to duplicate it later.


The bracket for the CDI coil was not used, has Paul constructed a superb Alloy box under the seat to house the unidentifiable coil unit, along with the air cleaner box with foam element fitted.

The next criticism was the swinging arm, no bracket for the chain guard? Well there was, it was designed for the Sammy Miller -Terry Weedy unit, and not for the one conjured up in the mind of OTF.

A Friday night frame before they went down to the pub!! was the way he described the frame, finding that one side of the wheel spindle fork was 16mm one side, and 17 mm the other?


 I don't know, but the Whitton hub sits in the fork pretty fine now? Spindle made to fit Paul said.



All Photos Courtesy "Otterman"®


 There was an issue with the fork yokes that Paul had fitted, and he changed them a couple of times until he came up with the right combination of Ossa units.




More complaints about the paint not stopping on the frame because of the fluxer leaving the residue!!

Well they all did that Paul, that is why it is probably better to have the frame blasted and then powder-coated!

But there is still a chance of that lifting, around the joints. It is only now that you can get flux that will wash off with water after construction.

Negatives nearly over? one or two minor niggles that Paul found.

Footrest brackets in the wrong position? And need lowering and placing back?



And that damn awful kick start lever from Terry Weedy? How can you make something like that?

I think they are "British" and work, and are the best you can buy! So there.


Paul fitted engine under run rails under the engine, three years before Faber decided to do the same to satisfy the Scottish Two day committee.


We will go into the bikes superb features now.

Paul must be the number one man with an alloy soldering torch!

Because what he has achieved on this bike is astounding.

The fit and make up of the Alloy based seat unit  covered by Leighton's from Birmingham, is another first-class job. The under pan is the retainer for the alloy fairings that surround the middle section of the bike, and even the brackets on the alloy rear guard are soldered to the this guard.

 Every bit of detail is enhanced with that little touch of class that makes this bike special, the hours of work and love that went into the build is astounding.

OTF may portray himself has a "Miserable Old Git" but this is just a front, to brush off a man that has dedication to everything he does.


The engine fitted is a B40 GB with the appropriate gearing, and with the engine lightened by fitting a shaved down B44 alloy barrel.

The Amal carb is the one intended for use on a Triumph triple.This has another one of Paul's superb fitments, an alloy carb spacer that he machined up on his lathe.




Charlie.> for those of you interested, I am having some of these Carb manifolds now CNC milled, ready in April 2017.



I Must say that the more Paul moaned, the better the job got.


But I probably am accused at doing just the same.




Another classy touch, was this engine breather! Sorry Paul, but I just had to make some of these for the other "Otter's" in the camp.



Just look how tidy this side of the bike is, It is the little things in life that mater's Hey Paul.

The chain tensioner was changed from the position that Howard had fitted it, so that a Sammy Miller Yamaha unit could be fitted, Paul decided otherwise, that did not suit him, so he moved his to the swinging arm.

The rear alloy engine plates were replaced from the ones fitted, so that an alloy and nylon swinging arm protection plate could be bolted to the new plate.

Chain-guard bracket was also revised, to fit Paul's bill.

Snail cams were also an extra on the list.

And just look at that rear sprocket.

Paul for some unexplainable reason even to this day, got fed up with the machine and it had to go. Luckly I saw it for sale that week.

Thank's Paul.




Just Three Old Men that had been playing on the bike "Bessie",


And having FUN.


Alan, Peter, and Mick.





After seeing the tank fitted to "Bessie"BSA, I had to take a mould from this and make some more, this tank is now standard fitment on all of my "Otter's".

The design is known as the "Ray Small" tank.






Photo Courtesy Paul Beswick.


This is the first photo of the bike finished by Paul, with that trendy exhaust fitted, I still like that item, and I am going to make one this year 2018.



Photo Chris Smith...

I also now use only Aspen fuel in my "Otter's", for the simple reason that I don't do a great amount of mileage with the bikes, and it is far less trouble than having to remove the carburettor every time you want to start one of the bikes. And the other reason is, that I can use my favourite Glass-fibre tanks, without worrying that the ethanol in pump fuel will ruin them.


More On "Bessie" later. 

and a New Update.