Bill Todd's

"Square deal Special".


Built In the USA.


Bill Todd has built this Super-Cub Based little machine with the help of these Pages and Web site he says.

Yet another Machine that we have encouraged!

And thank you Bill Todd for sending us this Story.


Photo Courtesy Bill Todd and Copyright.


Here is Bill's Story.


Charlie here is my own version of the Super Cub the "Square Deal
Special" or "Orange Is The New Black"

Used 2 inch square tubing for the frame the angle is about 68 degrees,
it has a 38mm Sherco fork and a TY 175 front brake.

 The rear swing
arm and hub is a Honda XL 125.  Engine is a 140 Piranha (YX) with the
fly wheel modification.

 My first test was a two day ITSA vintage
trial in the mountain's in New Mexico the location was at

Skit lodge, we
started at about 8,000 feet and went up the mountain.

 The little
engine that could, performed great only had a few small problems with
the bike, not the engine, finished both days.

Thanks for all the help your website gave me, used a lot of the "DIY and
Square tube frame help".

Bill Todd,

More Later Just a Start.


The top tube holds about 1liter the fuel cap is a Harley oil tank bung,
it is about two inches longer behind the seat tube for shock mount.
The seat tube is about 1inch shorter than the DIY measurements. I put
a Metal Devil blade on my miter saw and cut the seat tube angle at
22.5 degrees cut the rest with a band saw.  Clamped the tubing on a
flat plate for welding.  A machine shop made the race holder for the
head stock.

Running a 20mm Kehin carb and my gearing is 12/64 more tight turns in
USA vintage section very little straight streams and water!


More Photos later when the weather gets warmer,


Charlie> Thanks Bill There is loads of interest in the little bike.



How Neat is that !



Frame built for the engine , or is it the engine built for the frame?

An Old WES silencer was used, again looks the part.



With a square section steering head you still need a Round bearing carrier to take the taper bearings.



Heres a good shot.

Now with NJB "Trick-Shocks" you have the "Rose joint" fixings, so the shocks do not have to run  in a vertical plain to work and can lean into a reduced top measurement.

Now just look at the simplicity of that top suspension mount, just folded angle plate and enclosures.

Engine mount like my "Super Cub", and a Honda 125 XL swing-arm and rear wheel that fits the concept perfectly.

Jon and I used these arms on the "Mini Majesty" builds with the Chinese motors.

Bill has done a realy good job and sat down and thought about  what he was going to do, before commencing the build,

 The simplicity just stands out by miles.



The more you look the more you admire.


This type of little bike has got to have a future.

By the way all photos © Bill Todd. reserved by "Otterman".


You know it makes sense, What a FUN little bike.


Even a comfy little seat.




That is a pretty little bike.




And this one built by Jon Bliss, for comparison.



Big brother from Italy perhaps.


Photo Courtesy Stuart Bedford.IOM.


And our little "Super-Cub"


More Later from Bill. and from me.