Andrew Paxtons

Cotswold BSA B40,







                                             Photo, Courtesy  Jack Knoops,

(Offroad Archive)




This is the profile of

Andy Paxton's Scottish Trophy Winning "Cotswold". BSA B40 Trials Machine.


This is the “Cotswold BSA B40” that Andy Paxton has ridden most successfully over the past couple of years,

Andy put up a tremendous performance on Ted Freeman’s ex works, Brian Martin BSA C15 in the 2012 Scottish Two Day Pre 65 Trial. Finishing a creditable thirty fourth with 26 marks lost riding this genuine Pre 65 Trials Machine.

 This gave Andrew a taste for the Scottish rocks.

So the “Paxton” B40 was readied for the next year’s 2013 event.

After the extreme weather of the 2013 event, after day one the trial was called off and the result was published has a one-day trial. This left Andrew in third place and winning the Ralph Venables Trophy on nine marks lost.


So again the bike was prepared for the 2014 event, with a change of fuel tank the noticeable change.

Again Andrew fought for his place at the top of the list. This year finishing a superb seventh on a joint score with the two riders in front of him, and winning this year the John Draper Trophy for best machine in the 251-350 category


Then with his return to the Midlands a couple of weeks later Andrew showed what form he is currently on by putting up best performance at the prestige’s Sam Cooper Union Jack Trial, with zero marks lost for the day.




So here is Andrews story of the brief history of the “Cotswold BSA” and what parts the machine sports at this time.


Dad bought the BSA from Wilf Couldwell who lived in Monmouth in Wales.

It has been in the Paxton family since around 2000/2001 and as you know is a “Cotswold BSA”.  C15 frame with a B40 GB motor.

  I am told the C15 frame handled better than the B40 frame thus the combination became successful.  John Husband I believe was the man who built it originally.  As you are aware Dad (Dave “Paco” Paxton,) rode it with some success before I acquired it approx 5 years ago, as I thought I would like to return to trials after several years of motocross.


When first built the bike had a standard C15 mainframe, but the sub frame had been worked on giving a different foot peg position, and the swingarm widened and lengthened.

 Recently I have had some work done by Mark Seward at MSR Motorsport, who made a new swinging arm, and footrest hangers, as the old ones showed serious signs of fatigue.

  Whilst the bike was stripped down I took the opportunity to shot blast and powder coat it.  Mark also supplied me with some new YSS shocks, which work superbly.


At the front end it did have some four-stud forks, which I changed for the current Norton, Roadholder sliders as I wanted to ride in Scotland and the four-stud type are not allowed.  New yokes supplied by MSR Motorsport with Renthal bars and domino levers complete the front set up.


I had new Alan Whitton cub type hubs made and laced to new rims.  The rear wheel used to be a Rickman hub I think which again wasn't allowed in Scotland, as it was a conical type.


Engine - originally there was a square barrel on it, which was probably a B 44?  These are not allowed either in Scotland so I located an alloy round barrel and sent the engine down to Roger Taylor at RTS Racing to give her an overhaul and fit the new barrel.

 It as a standard B40 piston, which keeps her at 341cc.  Gearbox is a standard WD type.

 The exhaust system has been replaced purely as the old one was battered and worn out.

It did have a Boyer ignition system, which utilizes the standard Lucas set up with the side points.  This has been replaced with a PVL system, which works really well.

  I replaced the carburettor as the old one was worn out; I have kept it the same - an Amal 624.


I changed the original 2-gallon petrol tank for the Sammy Miller Products tank as seen because it keeps the bike slim as I used to bang my knees on the older/wider BSA Loaf one.


Mudguards - personally I think alloy ones look far better on Pre '65 bikes but from a practical point of view plastic ones last better and are cheaper.


It doesn't sound like I have done much to it but, as you know all the little finishing touches take way longer than they should!!



I might add that this is only an overview of what has been done to the BSA, Andy is a very competitive trials rider, and it is the little details on the bike and the meticulous way the machine has been put together that make it Special, and helps Andy keep his competitive edge.

 So there you go, A “Cotswold BSA “Trials bike and rider at there best,

Enjoy the pictures and the little Video.


Photo. "Otterman"

Andrew's "Cotswold" BSA B40.


Photo "Otterman"

With the modifications done by MSR Motorsport.



The YSS Shocks are reported to be of very good quality.....



And look at the well tucked in "Silverback" exhaust silencer...


And the neat way the new bottom rails run into the   lowered footrest mounting position Nice job Mark...


Also the classic Terry Weedy oil-tank , that fills the gap nicely, with the bottom section re-constructed to fit the exhaust pipe.





Here is the late Wilf Couldwell,with a photo of the Cotswold BSA he sent me, and this is how the bike looked when he said to me reluctantly sold it to Dave Paxton."whilst having a silly moment" has he put it..

But the machine has gone on too  bigger and better things in the hands of the Paxton family. and I remember Dave telling me that it was one of the best bikes he had ridden, when he was riding it....

And don't forget this machine spurned an exact copy for twin brother Nick to ride.


And the twins are both entered again in the 2019 Scottish Two Day Trial...


Good Luck chaps,we will  be watching.



Photo Courtesy Jack Knoops

This is a shot by Jack Knoops ( Offroad Archive)  of Andrew Riding Ted Freeman's Ex Works Brian Martin BSA C15 in Standard Pre 65 trim in the 2012 Scottish Pre 65 trial.


Photo Jack Knoops and Offroad Archive with permission.


Here is Andrew riding  the "Cotswold BSA B40" in the 2014 Pre65 Scottish.


And below I had to add a Photo of Andrew's  Father, Dave (Paco) Paxton.


   Photo Courtesy Lee Prescott .


This is Dave on his replacement for the BSA! A lighter machine that he built to ride in the Scottish 2008 Pre 65 Trial. The shot can only be Weston Woods in the Cotswold's.

I got Dave into trials riding, way back in the sixties, so I take some responsibility for the outcome, with both Andy and Nick being weaned onto trials by the ever keen father.




Look I know the quality of this video is terrible, and I have just spoken to someone else who has had the same problem. I was going to put it on two years ago but it was that bad I didn't bother.

Well I have just looked at it again, and all I can say is that it gives you a flavour of the lovely day that it was, in the Cotswolds , and the sound of machines appearing out of the woods like fleeing woodpeckers, jut listen to Jon's bike.


                                                               Photo. Deryk Wylde,(Offroad Archives)


This is Wilf Couldwell  riding what I recon is the Paxtons "Cotswold B40.


Andrew's brother Nick, now has a "Cotswold" BSA B40 built to exactly the same specification as Andy's bike.

Now Nick is just has good a rider as his brother, and probably has more results from trials over the years.


                                                    Photo courtesy Deryk Wylde ORRe .


This is from the Sammy Miller Championship round put on by the Ilkley club. in June.

Has you can see the bike is almost identical to Andrew's.


Good luck with the Last two Sam rounds Guy's.

 I will update with the results later.

Well Andrew went on to win his class in that years Sammy Miller Championship the second time in a row.


Both Andrew and twin brother Nick are entered in this years Pre65 Scottish and also the Scottish Six Days Trial that follows it, Nick has had a couple of rides recently and looks on good form, so we wish both of you chaps good luck in Scotland and I am looking forward to the report.


More Later.