Hi, excellent site, glad someone took the trouble to highlight these lovely bikes. I sadly sold my one a few years ago (pic 26 in the gallery) after spending fortunes on different set-ups. As pictured it was very early in its "Otter" life, and spent a couple of years of front fork and engine development. After I sold it, it went half way round the country, before returning to about 5 miles from "home". Everyone who tried it loved the handling, but hated the power delivery, very soft low down but also very spitefull when opened up....just how I like them. Dave PS I'd like to see it now.
cracking website .i have made my own version of an otter using a B40 engine and some doner parts of frame from a Bultaco . I will mail you a pic . keep up the good work
A super web site Charlie. The history of our sport that was so vibrant during the 60's and early 70's, and the bikes that were built and used should never be forgoten.