Justyn Norek Junior  Test rides the Ossa Mick Andrews  prototype Replica.


Father Justyn Senior took the photographs.



Here are riding impressions of OSSA MAR 250 Mick Andrews prototype replica by Justyn Norek Jnr.


When I received phone call from my friend CARLO RAMELLA with an invitation to make trials test of very rare Ossa MAR 250 Mick Andrews prototype replica, I was really in "Seventh Heaven" becouse after having done tests of Sammy Miller's legendary ARIEL 500 GON786 and
SUZUKI T120 di Peter Gaunt so very different each to other, here is another chance to try
another trial bike, this time designed by another British trial Mick Andrews !
Test location was Puy, where I have done also other tests, so I could make comparison.
As usually we started and warmed up the engine and some adjustment to riding position and controls and we are ready to go to "our sections".
Begining of section is short but very steep drop and bike was very stable and easy to control
with powerful brakes. So now I entered stream bed full of rocks and stones with stream
water somewhat similar to Scottish.
Cleaning rocks and stones was rather easy thanks to right response from engine always
ready to lift front wheel over obstacle.
Another characteristic was feeling of lightweight of the bike, due not only to low weight of
the machine itself, but also of low position of center of gravity. In fact Mick Andrews has
even cut off frame tubes under engine and substituted these with aluminium plate that allowed lowering engine position in frame without looing ground clearence, and which
protects engine carter and also adds on rigidity to frame, being integral part of it.
Riding bike in uphill was always full of fun, with front wheel always in the air due to
Lot of torque from an engine and relativelu short wheelbase, that also offers excellent
I got so involved in pleasure of riding it, that I didn't notice time passing..."Mamma mia"
now I realized how hungry I am...so it's time now for dinner prepared by our friend CARLO,
menu some tasty local meat grilled by him and good red Piedmontese wine and long, long
talk about trials and bikes of yesterday and today...
One thing is sure, I like this bike so much, that I have to buy one before prices will go up....
and I know about one that I put my eyes on...
So thank you CARLO and thank you Mr ANDREWS for such GREAT BIKE.
See you on next trial test....
Justyn Jnr
Justyn testing the Replica Ossa the only way he can.
A good Scottish type section, to do the bike justice.
It must encourage you to ride well in these magnificent surroundings.
Justyn with his eyes firmly fixed on the obstacle in front...
Resting in the stream? Or stalled it...
Love the tank shape of this  Ossa...MAR...
Also the the fork yokes on this one, unlike the Bultaco...
Just a well designed trials machine...
Carlo Ramella, and his Superb MAR Replica.
And this came from the "Ossa Plonker"...
A few detail shots of the bike.
Ossa "Plonker" Heavy Metal...
Take a look at that page. 
Mick continues to develop machines even today.
Number One then, and still Number One Now.
Photos Courtesy Lee Prescott 2010
The Maestro himself Mick Andrews aboard his Prototype Replica Ossa.
Mick riding one-handed to rest his injured arm.
Photo Courtesy lee Prescott©
Mick with the determined "Look" to prove he still tries hard with what ever he is riding, and had set his Replica Ossa Prototype up to perfection. And had only just rebuilt the engine at this time.
Photo Courtesy Lee Prescott ©
Mick practised hard that day, despite his injuries and recent operation.
A super side shot of the Ossa MAR.Replica...
The Ossa was still wearing French or Spanish registration plates.
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 The follow on to this page, and may be it should have been before is the Justyn's test and documents of the predecesor of the MAR, the Ossa Plonker.
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