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I have today learnt that  A "Super Star" of Classic Trials has Cancer.


 This Man is Such A Gentle Giant and so unassuming that you would not believe the talent this man has.

 On section "Three" ,of the "Classic Trials Show".


I was watching a small video and the line ---" I do Like That"--- from a spectator  watching at section three as Len cleaned it again, has stuck in my head ever since, and I even Mailed this phrase  to Deryk Wylde yesterday.




 Len Hutty is a very unassuming guy and does not seek publicity, But just likes to ride his immaculate Matchless, has a release of energy from a busy working week.


I rang his family to see if he would like to ride in the Classic Trials Show.

 The reply was, "that is all Len yearns for ,is to ride his beloved bike" ,and when I rung him  back, he said, If you think I am Star enough to ride in your trial, of coarse I will be there.

Thank you so much, for inviting me.



 After his Win, and the pull out on lap two on  the second day, to give someone else a chance of glory.

 I will not tell you what happened when it came to the prize giving,That is for Len to know.



Listen,  Guy just keep on fighting for us OK .


 I know how hard it is, we  Just need you to get back to showing us how  to ride a proper trials bike .





Unfortunatly Len has lost his fight for life and s no longer with us.

But in Spirt his name will live for ever in the Classic Trials Bike Scene . RIP.


The funeral will take place at Aldershot Crem on the 28th of November at 11 30



 Page update  about the trials History of Len Hutty Jnr and His Matchless  later.