Pre65 Survey page Yes, No, answers

All I want to know is, do you think that,

The way forward to continue with the "Pre 65 machine"class, is to let modern build bikes into this same class or not.

"A".Yes, "B" No.


Or should we have another seperate class for these bikes, "Pre65S".

"A" Yes, "B" No.

Are you happy with the organisers of the  Scottish 2 day event determining P65 machine and parts eligibility for all UK P65 events?
"A" Yes "B" No 

So all you need to do is, add  Three of the above,"A"or "B", first, and  "A"or "B" second, and "A" or "B" third.



 So it should look like this.  (example)....."A"-"B"-"B", or other combinations.


And then we can collate the figures once a week, to find a result by *April the first 2018.


If you wish to Vote, Or leave me a message, simply please click the

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Thank you for your time. Charlie~Oo>


B-A-B. I love to see specials and the ingenuity and hard work that has gone into them but the replica frames should be in a special class. I have built a Greeves Rigid with a Triumph 350 twin just for the fun of it. It’s a great bike and rides very well but is frowned upon by some. I don’t mind that but then modern replicas are allowed to run and pick up awards. For me the last straw was the Drayton being allowed in the Scottish.
Keep up the good work.
Keep up the good work Charlie.
Regards Steve
A and B
There could be one more question: "Should we define the trial as having Pre-65-type sections or suitable for Pre-65S- class?
I think , A and B thank you.
there is your example.