A study of  the BSA's that were competing in the 2016 Manx Classic Trial.

I spent a Happy Four Hours at Old Stoney Mountain in the pouring rain and being eaten by the gnats, but it was all in a good cause?


I was checking to see how many BSA trials bikes were still competing in the Classic trial to set a pointer to the future.

 So here are the bikes I captured,

with some shots just as reference to me.




Antoni Guillen Vidal's BSA B40 Foster "Otter"



Ken O'Brien's BSA C15T.



David Dodd's BSA B40 "Miller Otter".



Ryan Mogford  BSA C15 260 "Faber Otter" Mk3.



Richard Jackson's BSA C15T 1961.



Chris Collins Mike Mills framed BSA C15 270cc.



Adrien Garcia's BSA B40 "Otter" from France.




Now this could be one of three riders on BSA C15's in the Premier route.

160 Richard Jackson from N Yorkshire.

161 Carl Blakely from Worcestershire.

Or 185 John Chatto from Buckinghamshire.

You will have to let me know.

You can see why we like the side numbers to the size stated oon the regs.




And a couple of "RAP" BSA Bantam's .......

Just a note RAP?


 Well these are the BSA Bantam frame that was originally designed by the late Rob Homer.


Alan Whitton and Paul Rogers-Ridgard from Derby Road and Race did a deal with Rob to continue to build the frames.

 Paul says now fifty have been produced..2018...

Rob.Alan and Paul... hence "RAP"..

The current frames have been altered slightly from Rob's design as they now sport engine under-run rails, for the simple reason that the Scottish two day trial committee decried that to compete in their once a year trial engine under-run rails were a must. 



This is Alan Whitton's "RAP" BSA Bantam 185.



Alan sticks with his own breed Norton forks on this bike....


The RAP BSA Bantam Trials.......




Yrjo Vesterinen's RAP BSA Bantam 175.



Hanna Vesterinen's RAP BSA Bantam 175.


Photo "Otterman".


Max Heys steams in on his RAP framed BSA Bantam 185.

this is the frame before the under-run rails...



A better shot of Hanna's Bantam..



Royal Enfield fork sliders? or Marzocchi's?



Like the method of gaining more exhaust length trumpet style.................



The RAP frame built by Derby Road and Race. 

this one for  AW Racing .......

More Later.