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From BSA Otter Dot Com,


A very Happy Year in 2018.


 New pages on tomorrow.

 Now Weekend.

 And Updated pages most days of the year.


And we are going to make this year 2018 A year to Remember.............

At BSA Otter!


 So Jumping into the New Year.



And I did like the challenge of constructing, along with my brother, and then air brushing, The Queens tower (Big Ben), and the Palace of Westminster.


We will try and make this year more Art,y one way or another.

With a detailed page on the methods of finishing your rebuilt machine and I hope that is a "BSA Otter".

Also we will try and build another BSA Otter cheaper than the BSA "Otter On The Cheap" from a few years ago.

This time we  will use parts  like ignition and carburation etc, that has not necessarally been tried before on a BSA unit motor,( all though we all know someone will have done it) and try and find other ways to save costs on a BSA Otter Build.

But you Now know how this page grows in twelve months, with stories that we dont even know is going to happen.

I will when I find time shortly, trying to find an easy way of letting you all know that are interested, when a New page , or interesting News Is published. 

It will just mean that I will have to have your e-mail address, but it will only get used from this site, and NO others.


Much More Later.

You know how it works.



I was saying that I have updated the "Mini-Otter"® SuperCub, pages, and just looking back found this on TC, after a video with Ben Wilmore  in a couple of shots riding, his Jon Bliss built C90 Cub.The opening pun was "What a Load of Rubbish".

This is what I said.


Hi Guy's.

Look I am not going to get into deep discussion about these little bikes.

I have done my own thing in building one? well I am building two and it is on the jig, and that is for me to play on,

The first bike now lives in the Isle of Man, and is being tried by several riders that Brian lets near the little bike.

 The interest I have for these from the rest of the World is staggering,

And Yes I am hoping one day there will be a class separately for these machines, to be honest, it is totally unfair to ride them against a modern or old bikes, Why?

Because they are so much better to ride, and the weight not more than a heavy down-hill mountain bike.

So when a few more get built, and they will by other people, (I have done my bit and have other things to challenge me,)  I hope separate trials or add-on classes will become available for them.

In the mean time Just go out and have plenty of fun on what you have built.

Or go ahead and build one yourself. Sorry Tesco, but "Every Little Hellps"


Regards Charlie.

What Do You Think?



 Mini-Otter pages updated ,all three.



"Wheels and Spokes" page updated.

Found a couple of chaps that you might get hooked on. 



Exiting News,

    The "Mini-Otter"® is now recognised has a motorcycle Brand name.

 And the first machine has been registered in the Isle Of Man.

This leaves the door open to now build some machines. Especially with the New 185cc engine unit available.


 Get in touch.




Page update "The Triumph of a Ground up Otter build "page.

Another "Classic Triumph".

Renamed Page now "Richard Clarke and Martin DeVries"



New Page Up. Saracen Engineering Motorcycles.



Elstar Page updated with more good information.

 and press cuttings from the time.




New Page up.  "Wheels and Spokes".

and the "black art" and  confusion building them.


RIP William.



Another hot week in the workshop, and another week tormented by wheel building. But with all the problems I have had we must have covered most options when I have time to write it up.

 Motto is if you have not got a spoke roller. sit on the end of the line of a wheel builders list.

 More work on the Otter "OC" frame, nearly done.

Photo and update later.

Jerred Page still ticking along, and information about another "British Rival" machine.

I need to speak to Ken if anyone has his number.


More Later.



A good week on the Jerred Honda Page, with more information, and also more on the Fraser version.......

Also Had a tyre-ing week,   well not quite wheels actually, lacing up with the problems you get. Just got to Write it up, when me head ache has ceased.




Well Done "Banbury Steam Society". 50 years up.




24/06/2018 14.58


Should have been here instead sat at home suffering with inner ear infection. 

No I can't believe it either.



NEW Page The Jerred Honda.


"Top-Cat-Cub" page updated.



Norman Trials Bikes Page updated.

More Later.


BSA Otter"OC" Page updated. 


Just an update of what I am up too.

 Twelve months ago we were on the Scottish TSB charity run for the Katharine House Hospice, and should have been on the run from Cornwall, right now, but this has been shelved for a later date due to TSB problems, and we did not want to add to this.

So I have spent the week working on the OC Otter project and the frame is now ready to take out of the jig (Photos later).

 I have a new page  working on for the "Jerred Honda" with good photos of the bike.

The  Ariel project has moved on a bit just waiting for engine bearings and we can get it into the rolling chassis.

 Just need time to update this site now ,but we will get there.


 Readers Page update worth a read.





 BSA Otter "OC" project page updated. frame loop started



Thank's guy's for your responses about the Fibromyalgia.

I have updated the Readers page, with good responses to the comments I made below. and there is more on the way.

"So lets get this party started".

Please take a look at the "Readers page" we need your comments. and thank you to the ones already that have shown an interest.



Britannia Projects Page update No yoke this episode,

 Mike has had to fork out again.



Feeling really unwell today with the Fibromyalgia,

 So spent two and a half hours turning a scrap push-bike into a treasure. and feel better, get out and do stuff if you are feeling ill.



Another TT over, how much faster can they get? and the same problem when gladiators take to the Mountain course. RIP, Dan, and Adam.


I have spent the last ten days collecting together the parts to get the 380 Ariel at least into a rolling chassis.(Photo Later)

I have also got some of the missing BSA parts and a quadrant to fit a new shaft into like before. I have just realised that it may be possible to use a BSA Bantam gear-change shaft for this operation. we will see.

Guys I could do with updates on your bike builds to bring the current pages further forward. that is Elstar and BSA builds that currently have pages. And any other builds that we might be interested in.

We need to keep the Classic Trials Scene going forward, although I don't know where at the moment, and we could also do with comments on this.

 If you have an Idea mail me, It will get on the pages.

I will update some pages on a day off next week.




"High Time someone Built a Descent Ariel."

Says Mick Grant, Dave Dawson is shocked, and Dave Paxton just grins.

(2008 Lee Prescott photo.)





Photo Courtesy Justyn Norek Snr.


Over the next couple of weeks every page connected to the Ariel brand will be updated with new photos and information on most.

 This is a drive to kick-start interest in the make of trials motorcycle, High Time we are going to name it.

So watch out for everything ARIEL HT.


We are also watching the progress of the

WK Bikes, CFMoto, lightweight ZEBRA ,TT bikes. 



Not a good TT for the team, they just could not get the ignition parts from China delivered to them on time, although they were from Germany, so I am told.

 They were using the updated "Euro Five" parts not good for a race bike. They will be back, watch out for next year Patons!!!



"Back of the Shed" page updated with the NEW Ariel 380 build project.


Ariel/Noriel build page updated with frame measurements.

BSA Build pages updated later.



The family builds bikes so that you can get onto the correct machine at an early age. and continue on two wheels for the rest of your life. Enyoy your bike!


Frog bike from Velo Atelier - Warwick on Vimeo.


That one is Wheely good, so here is another bit of skill.


Bicycle Wheel-building from Velo Atelier - Warwick on Vimeo.




Frankie Waller,(Britannia MCy) adds a few more bolts to his "Monster".



For those of you not already following the "As Seen From The Sidecar"Saga,

        Just take a look at this latest video from now Bolivia, and see just how difficult a journey the chaps are making for them selves.

And more than encouraging things to go wrong, but they keep coming back for more, Brave or stupid you decide?




They would have been well and truly stuck without this guy, but hey I suggested that the only way was to try and get the broken wheel rim welded, and sure enough-like someone is watching over them, a guy was found who could do the job at the final place they tried.




Look what we finished today. and it coincides with a "NEW Tale From The Fifties" by a guest from France about growing up in Ireland.

 Take a look,at that, and we now have the bike for "My First Bike' story.



The Meteor Works, "Alouette".

(proper photos of the bike later, I love it)


Just Came to me this is my bike!




Rocks in Scotland?

This lady Rocks like a fine red wine.

Classic talent is with you for life!


Rock On Jenny Darren and the Ladykillers.



Morning All, Sorry for the lack of content just lately, but while I am on all cylinders firing, I have to do as much as I can, until the spark goes out again.

 So although there has not been many updates, the material and photos are coming together fast, and better than many a year. So please bare with me and I will get it on as soon as it is a wet day.

I am also digging the footings for my new bike building at home so that I can do more in the winter without the travelling.

 Anyway, there is a Update at the top of the BMCA Best Of British page with a report on their riders in the Scottish Two Day trial, and I hope to get updates from Dave Wood , and the Paxton Boy's, later.


A Triumph for Drayton.

Good showing at the finish of the Two-Day Trial.

 With the Paxton twins both getting First Class Awards,

 And a good showing from Dave Wood who has not been to Scotland for a very long time because of a disagreement on machine eligibility.

But at the end of the days it was a Triumph for the Drayton Camp again.

 It looks like the brand now dominates the complete so called Classic scene.

 It looks like there should be a class in most trials just for the Drayton breed, as the way they have sold they must, have something that other trials bikes don't, or is it a long term trend like the "James-Francis Barnet" one a few years ago.

Just wish I had the same wand Jim has for the "Otter" breed. 


Britannia, Indian start up video. Project completed.



Our boys are putting up a good show in the Two Day Trial.

 so I hope I have not jinxed them.

 Andy Paxton with the front runners, and brother Nick not far down the list, as is our old mate Dave Wood.

 good luck lads on the second day.





Last BMCA trial report of the season At Mamble.

on Best of British Page,

 Good showing from Dave Wood on his run up to the Scottish Two Day trial. Good Luck to all of our boys. 

A report on the trial will follow.


Britannia Motorcycles Indian Project.

 Nearly got to finish the bike. What's Alun Hitchcock's staff now going to do for entertainment?



Thank You Lindell for the baseball cap and plaque.

 Story later. I will sort the tube dimensions for you.

Loads of page updates when I get a bit of time.

Working on the bikes at the moment.

Glitches with the comments pages that I need to sort to.




Eddie Tongue from trialsin danny on Vimeo.


Pashley 26 MHz, I bronze welded up the first of these Classic trials bikes in the Pashley Factory on holiday shut down 1999. More of a Classic Now than it was then.

And there may be a copy of this machine available shortly we still have the original plans.

Interested? in the "Soundwave"let me know.




Britannia Projects Page update,(Indian Rebuild)

 With a revelation  that will shock you.


Just a Update,

 Been at the workshop every day since last Wednesday,

 Working on the gearbox conversion, frames, and "Trike Recumbent for Geoff Bird.

So the good news is I can update several pages this week with projects that I have worked on.

And hope to do a lot more this week.

Just hope Winter does not return for a long time. 



Good week end for Lee at "Bespoked Show"

This is the 12 speed electronic gear change, Carbon and steel,

Meteor Works, Chimera Disc.


BMCA It's Bedlam again.


Updated Lexmoto Assault page.




Take a look at this mag Brilliant.


BMCA (Best Of British) Mucklestone trial Report.

I have been waiting for this all week and Al said he sent it twice.


 Got it now Al.
 I have had computer trouble all week. 
and can’t find why, it might be the Russians!!!!
Regards Charlie.
Charlie, I remember seeing Sputnik One traversing the night sky over N.Ireland... And very scary dark Monday nights sitting beside a big wireless,  listening to Journey into Space...  Imagination running riot!    Al


Had Computor problems again for a couple of days. and I am putting this video of Mike's on to see if I have sorted the problem.




ElStar page updated with a New little story.







Claire  Needs our Help. and you now have a better insight to what Africa is like, with the Chaps on the "as seen from the sidecar" videos.

So if you are at all interested contact Claire Please.

The other Vide0 is on the China Jialing-Pikilily page.


BMCA Best of British Red Marley Trials Report. thanks to Pete Dawson.


Just spent awhile checking statistics, and checking out the series where Mike Waller built the BM 250 trials bike, the most viewed Episode was the last short one where Mike started for the first time, and tried the bike over a couple of sections.

Seems to mean you just love to hear a BSA trials bike running.

 That was a great insight into the pros and cons of building up a trials bike.

 And if you missed it ,I should take a look at all episodes, it does open up the world of problems and elation you get on a build.

Hopefully Mike will do another trials bike build in the not too distance future, we are ready Mike.



Well I have had a Wheely good week, in-fact that is all I have worked on all week "Wheels".

So several updates forthcoming, on doing this an that to hubs and wheels.


"BSA Bantam hub made wider" Page Updated.


Also the end Of Episode One. so to speak, on the chaps around the world trip,

 They have finally done Africa, arriving in Cape Town.

And now need a way to get shipped to South America, For Episode two to begin, could take a time, I think.



Great stuff Chaps, Proud of you, and the "BSA Otter" Sidecar.



OK April Fool day over for another year.

 Britannia Project page update. (Commanding one this)

BSA Otter OC Project Page update.

"British Rival" page being updated now, with a vast amount of New material 

More later.



Just Look where my Sidecar as been.



HONDA The Power Of Dreams!



yrubnaB...........snaeB yzzuB



.........detadpu egap CO rettO ASB




Nice Little NEW Britannia Project on that page ,fitting a Bultaco front wheel to a BSA C15T.

well worth a watch.

Other Pages Updated. and more in the next couple of days.

Bit Behind at moment............... 





Was just thinking about my all time favourite music track looking at the photo below.

Here it is. Enjoy 





Photo Courtesy , as-seen-from-the-sidecar ©

Hagon Shocks, 10,000 miles, one quarter of around the World, and still going strong.


New Britannia Projects page Episode Twenty.



 New Page BSA Otter OC Project.

Britannia Projects page updated.


 BMCA Pattingham. Best of British Page updated.


ASK Me page updated, Amanda at "Trialsbits" now has the 18-tooth BSA engine sprockets back in stock. but hurry they are selling fast.


Britannia Projects page update, you will like this one.



Keep on Trucking!



Graziano Candiori's Wassell/Triumph. Page Updated.

 Dave Wood Page updated with the four speed Bultaco build .


Just spoke to Pete Kirby of clutch fame.(Ask Me page) and he is about to have a hip replacement but says he should be able to resume building clutches in a couple of weeks all being well.

 Good luck with the op Pete.


 BSA Otters For Sale page updated with A Foster B40 Otter For sale


Just started on the "OC" project. (Otter-Cheaper)

as stated above.

This will run alongside the "Foster Otter" frame builds.

 But should give anyone on a tighter budget a start, that can be built on.

 I will start a page next week so watch out for the details.


China Jialing, eRanger page update it now has the Pikilily Project information on it. and you all can help.



Readers Page Updated New relevant Post.


Scooter and Sidecar easy.............




As seen from the sidecar.




Claire Elsdon of "Pikilily" did the same trip a few years ago.



Roaring Dragons Could not stop the "Beast from the East", to %Strong%.

 so BMCA Leighton trial is postponed this Sunday,


BMCA Kighton Trial Report.


And A Happy Birthday to Tracy Bedford.




Just a "Plug" that is coming in on a 12 30 flight.

 For the chaps to continue there journey across Africa. 

And leave the sight of Kilimanjaro, at the foothills of the Serengeti.

We hope this puts thing right, and sets them on their way again...

 because they want to beat the rain down in Africa, they have a boat trip to catch Right. So I hope it rains in Africa but not enough to delay their plight.


I Bless the rains.


Thanks "Jonah" for finding me this.

A Spritely number one could say.


"The Triumph of a ground up Otter build" Page updated, with Jon's very interesting new machine.


Fraser Honda Page updated with explanation.




Otters For Sale.

If you are interested in buying a well sorted BSA Otter, there are two for sale at the Right price on the Aldermaston-Nomads web site.

 take a look.





 Send a NGK LMA R8A-9 ( spark plug) to ??????


Priceless this pair!




"Banbury Rules OK".


 "Mini Otter" Super-Cub trials page update with pictures.


Photo Courtesy "Hammertight".

New Page coming shortly, on the "Freeman's" Historic BSA Trials bike Collection.



"The Boys" New Video featuring BSA Otter.




 NEW Page, I have started a new "Survey page" to try and find out what you really want with the modern Pre 65 trials scene, all you have to do is answer, Yes, or No, a couple of times.

So please do it for me we need to find the best way forward with the sport don't we. Thank you.



"The Boys" have made it to Niarobi.

This is for you Matt and Reece, heavy.



As seen from the sidecar ©


Readers Page updated, we need your comments.


Ask Me Page updated.


Readers Page Update,

Have you been to Spek-Savers Telford.







 Pre 65 Rules Page updated.



The Dave Wood Page updated.


BMCA "Its Bedlam" out there.

 Amal Carburettors Page Updated.



Update on both "Dizzy" to "F" type pages.


And " Back on the road agen" da da da daaaaa..... Addis Ababa  da da da daaaaaaaaa..........



You Decide?






"Ally Clift" Page updated with some really interesting information.



 "Britannia Projects" page updated '

Nice little video about broaching sprockets.

Bill Todd Page updated


BMCA Best of British Trials report Page update.

"Scorpion" page update.

"Triumph twins Ones that Wins" page update and more.



NEW page "Bantam Trials Saga".



Pages updated.

Seven best AJS builds. with new frame builder.

 Seven best Ariel builds , same.

 Justyn Norek's Triumph-Greeves page.

Justyn Norek tests CCM page.

And many more.


Ian Ballard Page, updated Talmag report.


BMCA NEW latest trial report and pictures.


Talmag trial 2018.





Happy Birthday Lee, How Old!



Just on for a week for the boys to follow.



I have spent a lot of time this week updating pages, to many to list, so you will probably find one.

If you have any information on any of the subject matter you find, please let me know, and I can update pages further.

There are New pages waiting in line to be published when I can make the time some I have mentioned some are New to me.

So once again thank you for sticking with me and helping making the site better.



All I can say is Incredible,

 You must watch this. and they will get it fixed.

forty emails so far.







The boys have literally "Cooked " the Scooter.



How to Cook a Honda "Variator",Clutch!



Going to be stuck in Ethiopia for a few days I think!



Just for the boys the thing is stuck firm.



It's the clutch-Torque Converter they have cooked.

But the "Hagon Shocks" are looking good.

 Look guy's I am behind for a day, but the Boys are "Living-The-Dream", and need my, and in fact ,Your help.

So back to BSA Otter,Tomorrow.





Out On A BSA Prototype. page updated "a Special BSA"


New Updated "ASK ME" page, used already today..


All "Gary Brittonbuild pages updated.



Sammy Miller BSA Otters, Page updated.




 Jim Susans Page Updated "BSA"



Britannia Project Page update.

A Readers Page update another good reply,

 Please send me your comments.



A Readers Page, updated with a letter that I need you to comment about.

17:00. one reply already.


BSA Bantam Build page updated.


Look who the boys met this week, a true Hero.

 Steph Jeavons.

She has been travelling around the world for Four years on her trusty

Honda, "Rhonda" 



The boy's have made Khartoum. but had a few problems, link later.



Pre 65 Rules page updated.


Just looking for stuff about Triumph Side-valve bikes and found this.


Enjoy interesting.


New Page " Patrick Elliott Honda One Off".


"BSA "Dizzy" Upgrade" page updated.


"Henbest Family BSA's" Page Updated.


Ian Ballard Page Updated.


Matt and Reece have reached Abu Simbel, the end of there Egyptian tour.

Now into the Sudan.

Photos Courtesy "As Seen From The Sidecar."© 01/01/2018.


"Lets get out of this "daw-gawn desert."


Where Are You Honda ?

If as I have said before I was Mr Honda I would take care of these boys and there trusty Honda SH300I.  This is know longer a joke exercise, this is the REAL thing. around the World on a Honda Scooter attached to a Sidecar. How much publicity can you turn away???

288Klm today through this desert.



Link Later.


The B40 Otter named "Bessie" page updated.


Happy Birthday to me.

Watch this little video.

 We are running our New eRanger Ambulance around the Country (UK) 

To as many Motorcycle shows, and events we can get to, to support Claire and her mission in life.




Matt and Reece are going to visit Claire on the "Flight Centre" scooter-sidecar in a couple of months ? so watch this space.



"A Readers Page" Updated,

and please use it, your bike has got to be intresting to us all.

You only have to mail me.


"The Boys" Matt and Reece Now in the desert had a puncture,

 "Have you got Tyre (tire) sealant" I said.

"No But we have got repair plugs"

"OK what happens when you have a puncture right in the middle of The Sudan?


I said they would have to learn fast.

 They should have hooked up with this guy.



"Otter On The Cheap" Page Updated.