Herbert Polz,

Second, BSA C15 G "Otter" Build.



When a machine looks like this you know it will ride just has good as it looks ,again a first class piece of engineering and commitment to get things right. 


Herbert Polz, second BSA “Otter” build.



About 3 years ago I sent some pictures of my homebuilt BSA C15 Otter to you, and you presented it in your BSA “Otter” web site in a very attractive way.


This time I’d like to show you my new C15: “Otter”.


My first bike weighed 92 kg, the same as my SWM Tl 320 and everybody was surprised.

 So this time my target was under the 90 kg mark.


I used lighter chromemoly tubes (KTM motocross) and tried to save as much weight as possible.

 I didn’t use any titanium of course, just steel,

and aluminum.

 The front fork used are  Ceriani 35 mm, with Marzocchi internals fitted (lighter!).

 I had to alter the top triple clamp (Yoke) to get 2.5 degrees  of offset.

The engine is a standard BSA C 15 “G” type that my friend Keith Wells bought in England for me.

 I changed the barrel for a modified BSA B 25 unit ,this

alone saved 1.8 kg.

 I used the trials gearbox except for first gear.

 This makes the gap between first and second very small, and second gear fits in many sections better when first gear is on the short side.


At the end the bike weighs 87 kg and is lighter than lots of twinshock two strokes.



A superb job done on the alloy barrel, I you use one of these don't forget that the rocker drain holes from the head need to line up with the barrel this will need you drilling a hole through the barrel to suit.



Again the workmanship shows with every shot, this proves that if you have the skill to do this type of work like Hubert  obviously  does, it take a lot of time but the cost saved is a great bonus and then creating this sort of master-piece.




A very happy man and machine , thanks for sharing this with us Hubert.



More later.

Thanks for showing us your New lighter BSA “Otter”. I am sure it now probably wont be your last??