Traditional Motorcycle Association.



              Gordon Jackson riding Ron Langston's "Traditional" Ariel HT 500.



Ron and John Langston. Below.




Ron Langston and son John,  at the Colmore Revival. (Revistment)

Ron had too many revs on to the turn, but the long stroke Ariel soon coped with the situation, and Ron has never lost his touch, and I am sure he would go along with the (traditional) format.

This is the sort of section needed back for the older machine. "Camp" in the Cotswolds.



And this is the type of machine that we are hoping Club officials will give a chance to come back out of the cobwebs to compete, Mick Andrews loved it, ask him.

The AMC forks were too long on this bike, but Mick did not let that bother him and put on a good performance despite that.



Right this was Deryk Wylde's idea back in 1998. So should we give it a go now?




 So If you have read the above should we try and do this again in 2017, or is it to late. Now 2023...

Traditional Pre unit construction Motorcycle Trials,

Back Here in the UK,

this is what would love to achieve?

Just look at the TALMAG trial entry every year...

I am sure that Deryk would give his full backing to this idea. 

You need to let me know, and maybe we could try and organise an event...Or is the time now in 2023 far to late to even think about a revival...?



The "Squire" of Stratford Upon Avon. Riding the superb Mick Ash 500 Ariel...


Alan Wright...


Classic Trials Show action 2010.



These are the sort of sections we are looking for, quite wide and following the natural line.


A couple of hill climbs would be good too, or a line up the middle of a stream etc.


We made the best with what we had that weekend at Stoneleigh in 2010 but all sections were of the Traditional type, and ask anyone who rode there, if they enjoyed the week end or not.




The videos above are dedicated to the memory of Len Hutty, RIP fella.


I think I prefer Traditional to get a shorter version, I've also remembered another of my stipulations - that one of the sections should be set intentionally on the 'easy side (without it being too obvious) so that EVERYBODY goes home saying, I cleaned that section.



I think that the main machine guide line would be to just enter on a "Traditional" Classic Pre-unit machine.

The idea is to have fun riding sections that you and I grew up riding.

Anyone wishing to have a days "Sport" would be more than welcome, and how easy the sections may seem to some, they would always get caught out. These type of sections don't need someone that can balance a bike stood still, they need someone who can ride, for enjoyment..



The other is that my initial separation of classes for my British Bike and Sammy Miller series was actually spot on and should be retained.

For a Pre-unit trial.


As a reminder for our younger readers the class separations were, excluding the 'year' definitions originally included:


Rigid Pre-unit

Pre-unit Springers

Rigid Sidecars

Springer Sidecars.


Specials (Any machine with any replacement or replica parts that are not dimensionally identical to the originals.) Remembering that weight is a dimension...............

So these would not get an entry.


Charlie>If we were to include sidecars,

Should we include a class for Unit Side-cars? or would they be just classed has Springers?

And only have the one category. I know we really should.

Do we allow side-cars such has the Kendell type with the sharper nose section?

Or do they have to be the more rounded type mostly with frame tube outside?

To my mind this would put off an owner of an age related Trials Side-car Outfit, if he or she had to modify the side-car.

Do we stipulate the old trials marking too?

IE. 1,3,5, and drop the 2, used today, makes life far simpler for a first time observer too.



Below, is a Very clever Ben Butterworth, impressed yes , but , every-time you stop in a traditional trial you loose 5 marks. One of the suggestions.

But unfortunately Ben would  have to ride the ex Neil Gaunt machine in the "Specials" Class... 





Enjoy anyway.




Thank's again Pete.


Photo courtesy of Nigel Wynne, Classic and Vintage Motorcycles.


Ian Hannan and Sue Smith, competing in the Sam Cooper Union Jack Trial 2010... Should we cater for unit sidecars as there are now less Pre-unit about, I think so...



Riding a outfit always makes you grin...



Sam Cooper Union Jack Trial again 2010... Weston Wood I think...


An Ariel five hundred. Crewed by John and Paul Young.





"Barrow Boys" always have Fun.




Talmag Trial  2012 Enjoy.







More good news from the BMCA midlands trials club,


Al Usher sent me some pictures from their trial last week.

 and they now have this class below tagged onto there trials format.

And if you look at the pictures you can see that this is what Deryk and I are on about.


BMCA Beginners RouteAll Trials shown in BLUE on the fixture list will include a Gentlemen/Beginners route - riders must enter the section through the Section Begins Cards and exit through the Section Ends Cards but can ride anywhere within these markers. Riders numbers will indicate the route allowed.


Good Hey,

I am going to do a page for the BMCA just for photos on the Blue route at their trials.

And we will then see that this is the way to have fun.

Charlie:> They now have Four pages.


From Al Ussher...

Hello Charlie,  You might have seen the call-up for Rigids in the Guestbook section of the BMCA site?   The 4th Midlands Air Ambulance trial at Easthope, between Much Wenlock and Church Stretton,  is on Sunday 20th November.  (The weekend after Remembrance Sunday)   Would be good to see some rigids turn-up...  A Jones Bantam, Eck Hyland AJS, Millington Inter Norton and a Steve Jones (Progressive Classic ProductsAJS competed last year and they all finished... If you know of anyone who might be interested, please ask them to give me a call.  There is plenty of time to get one fettled...    Yours in The Sport Al...

The late Al Ussher... just loved his motorcycle trials and had dedicated his life to te sport he loved ... We seem to be losing the dedication to our Classic Trials Motorcycle Sport when every one of of these dedicated people pass away... we know it is a generation thing but just lets hope that there is a younger generation that will again pick up the mantel to rekindel the sport in later years...

Charlie:> lets start off how we intend to go on. Get that bike out of the shed now.


More Later ...


More Later. with News.


Do we still think this would work in 2023... 

Just look at the entry for this years TALMAG trial...

 Surely it would be good to get these bike out playing more than once a year....