Gary Britton's Second C15 BSA trials build.


Gary Britton’s BSA C15 Number two Trials bike build.




After the Faber framed bike I thought about building another trials bike for my son.


So I bought a half finished project. A C15 frame, Triumph BSA four stud forks, rebuilt wheels, tank, seat, and handlebars.


And most important  a rebuilt engine.


 Should be simple?


I thought the motor looked too low in the frame, when fitted, so I converted it to alloy plate mounting’s, so I could lift and move the engine to the left.


 Now there was a big gap between the engine and the bottom of the frame, so I cut out the bottom frame tube.

(I guess they won't let me enter the Scottish Pre 65 Now?)


I needed a bash plate so I made up a cradle to tie the front of the frame to the rear, and to protect the crankcase.


I cut and lowered the rear shock mounts of the sub frame.

And lengthened the swing-arm to prevent mud build up, now it started to look right.

No science was involved in all this but,

"If it looks right then it probably is right is the theory".


The rest of the build was easy, the front end was the same as the Faber bike. With the BSA/Triumph four-stud forks fitted.


 I made a few "trick" parts, like the oil feed to the head,



(Very neat bit of work Gary) and also the silencer.


 I fitted the motor and it started second kick.

 That’s the new Amal carb and Electrex World ignition for you.


Apart from wet sumping a bit, it’s proved a very good engine unit.

(Sounds and feels better than my motor).

 The fibreglass tank soon gave up and was replaced with an aluminium tank from Sammy Miller Products.


My son has had a couple of top three places on it, so it works quite well don’t you think.



Charlie ~Oo> You should be proud of another really good BSA build Gary, and the bike must be good for Jay to keep climbing the competitive ladder he is.



Start point was to modify the C15 frame diamond.

As you can see the frame has been through drilled to fit the tube like spacers to hold the aluminium engine and sump plate these have then been braised (bronze welded) to the frame.

The top subframe through mounting was the old trick that the "Works" boy's used to do with their frames, this lowered the standard sub frame by 2".

By cutting this out from the frame to the top of the suspension mounting.




Then the BSA sub-frame. Gary has lowered the frame but then because of the shocks he is using on the build he as lengthened the mounting again, to make it very similar to the ones fitted to the standard C15 Frame.



Then the Alloy Cradle for the engine, and to strengthen what had been removed, and to provide a built in sump plate.

Nice job Gary and a lot of skilful work.



The complete exhaust system again fabricated by Gary.



It is the little detailed parts in any build that finish the project off properly, and it is this detail that takes most of the time in a build, but then you have the knowledge that you have a good job.

And if the bike works well, which this one does!

Just look at Jay Britton's results, the build should make you very proud of what you have again achieved mate...


Nice Job Gary. I know you have another build that is nearly finished.


We can't wait to see that BSA.




Jay has had many a good ride on this machine, and this above all proves you don't have to spend Ten Grand on a machine to become competitive.


 Update later with more information.




The tank the same as this on the Mk three Otter is fitted to the Number Two bike.


Terry Weedy tank...




Thought you might like a picture of "Big" "Slow" and "Awkward" all together on a works outing  for the Golden Valley trial at Breakheart Quarry.

Sept 2015.


Regards Gary GB.


Update later.

 I have noticed that Gary rides in the "Euro Cup" on his machine, is that the way we need to go?


Update and results later...