These are new photographs I have found in the.

 "Otterman Archive",  Taken at the 2010...


Classic Trials Show.

Photos are by Neil Hawksworth, and Chris Tona.



Winner Day One, the late, Len Hutty.



Winner Day Two, Dave Wood.



Oxford Ixion Trials Sec. Ken O'Brien.



Dave Dawson, "Mills framed BSA", only just, it was an "Otter" a couple of weeks before.



Mark Parry-Norton, Ariel.



Steve Ransom, Faber Mk2 "BSA Otter".



Steve Hay, Triumph Cub, four-stud forks fitted.



Ex Works, Royal Enfield, Crusader, Reg Number 250 RE. Barrie Rodgers.



Ex George Greenland Ariel, ridden by  Dick Ramplee.



Two Famous Trials riders, one from Oxford, one from Banbury, talking about a famous Trials BSA?

Bill Faulkner and Ted Freeman from Banbury.

The bike the ex Brian Martin BSA C15, Reg BSA 250.



And not one of these two!



Or This one from Mr  J Tye...

There are more if you want them? Just ask!.


OK you have asked for a few more photos .

here they are.


Mick Andrews, at work.


Ian Hannam, and Sue Smith, at work.



Wright'y at play, I know he was a tax man! but surly you should have a day off?



Explanation.  Bike courtesy of Mick Ash.( and Tax)



Patrik Swenson, Taking his own line.

You want More?



This is some of the sidecar action shots there are more, I will do another compilation.


Heres a Crew that you don't see often.



Henry Gaunt, and Jill Andrews. See everyone had fun that week end.


More later and New information about Another Trial.