Autumn 2016 The Start of a New Season of BMCA Classic trials.

Here's a taster of what BMCA trials are like.

Yes You do get a good show of BSA Bantams but dont forget this is the place that most of them start life,

hey Jim.



Just look at the proper way to park a C15 BSA at about 11 minuets in. Enjoy.




Photos from the John Richardson Memorial Trial, Boraston, Shropshire on Saturday 10th Sept. 2016.   Sticky red clay! 



      No 19:  Les Richardson - 32A Villiers Drayton. 

No 8 Mick Parkes - and his latest "BritShock" from these here parts! 

No 21: Giles Hixon - Francis- Barnett. 

  Nathan Jones - Cotswold BSA. No 24:

Chris Chell - BSA. 

   Andie Swift - Sprite.  

 All the best, Al    (Hammertight).




Les Richarson.



Mick Parkes.



New "Britshock" Bantam.



Yes we could go with that!



Giles Hixson.



Nathen Jones. "Cotswold BSA"





Cotswold BSA C15 "Britshock"



Chris Chell "Mike Mill's BSA".



Andie Swift "Sprite"


Copyright Justyn Norek.

And Al Ussher's.

New D.O.T.


Sorry Al , I dont like trials bikes without seats and proper muguards either.

As a concept Justyn has done a good job, like he does with all of his Brit-Bike updates.

But should we have not kept a trials bike looking like a machine that could be ridden for seventy odd miles on the road? in between sections that is.

This is probably one of the main reasons why we have lost most of our road based trials.

And your idea of a "Proper"mudguard attached to the swinging arm,and moving with it and a designed in "Proper"seat.makes a lot of sense, I will get Justyn on the case.

Anyway Al I know you will like the bike below.

Is it a 225cc "Invacar" engine lodged in the frame?


That's Better a "Proper" D.O.T. trials bike. 

You know when one thing leads to another! here is a good example Thanks Al once again.


Charlie,  This chap sounds very interesting and I'd be delighted to share the royalties with him when we change the look of the trials bikes of the future..!   Good stuff.  Incidentally, John Bull has produced no fewer than 44 of his "new" Dots... lovely machines, and John insists on owners using his tanks to retain the Dot look. I had a spin on one at the Greeves v Cotton V Dot Challenge Trial at Dursley the other weekend.   I'll attach a photo.   L to R Dave Skinner, winner of the 1958 International St Cucufa trial at St Cloud, near Paris on his 250 Works Replica Dot.  As a result , Dave's name was mentioned at Motobecane and Dave worked for them at Montlhery testing the Mobylette, but at the same time working on their trials bikes and winning trials on them...  His hobby these days is rebuilding and riding Mobylettes.   Nick James, owner of the John Bull Dot, Fred Clutterbuck of the Cotton Club and meself...   Thanks to Nick for the opportunity.


Hi Al ,and all suffering BMCA members.


But it looks like we have Hi-jacked your page until the Next event.


OK getting back to the above,

Who is Justyn Norek, 

Well he has been about some time and has designed untold motor trade stuff including his love of offroad motorcycles.


T+MX May 1996.

And here is a bike designed by Justyn with a Back mudguard.

Copyright Justyn Norek.


Al I also said about the . "Miller" BSA,



I SEND YOU IN NEXT EMAIL...( The bike above).
JUSTYN ,Charlie:> I hope one day I can get around to build this frame.

 Justyn's imagery of the Sammy Miller BSA.


Al this is my take on a New "Today" trials bike with what you suggested. (with a few Tweaks).



Exhaust between the bashplate and engine, to blow mud from the tyre (tire)



 Al:> Your sketch is certainly along the right lines!   I'm sure the rear end of modern trials bikes can be designed with a close fitting, possibly quickly-detachable mudguard and the saddle raised to sensible height without detriment to the riding qualities of the machine... and to match the front end. That flapping "mudguard" with maybe a registration plate dangling from it, and easily damaged... in my opinion does little for the modern machines.  If it looks right, it probably is, as they say!  And bring the silencer lower.  Cheers, Al

Much More Later with next trial photos and report.



Tanworth-In-Arden trial.



Photos Courtesy "Scoop".

Here Steve Layshon in dappled sunlight aboard his Drayton BSA Bantam.


Photo Courtesy "Scoop".


Paul Munslow. Riding his take on what a BSA Bantam trials bike should look like.

Nice one Paul.

Photo Courtesy "Scoop".

The sun shining on Joe Owen as usual, navigating the "Superb" late Rob Homer Creation,

With BSA Bantam power unit.


Photo Courtesy "Scoop".

Dave Jones moving on up. on his "Classic Mike Mills Replica" BSA C15.



Report from the trial will be on the BMCA web site, Thanks Pete Dawson.



"Howards Wood"  Trial


Photo Courtesy "Scoop"  Phone photo.

This is Class "A" Winner losing 4 marks. Alan Nicklin riding his very individual Greeves.


Photo Courtesy "Scoop" Phone Photo.

Runner up in Class "A" Chris Chell losing 7 marks aboard his superb Mike Mills Framed BSA B25 engined  machine.


Photo Courtesy "Scoop". Phone Photo.

Third place man riding Class '"A"and loosing 14 marks, Colin Leese  At speed down hill on his  "Chase BSA Bantam".


Photo Courtesy "Scoop" Phone Photo.

Class "B" Winner "Two-Goes" Steve "Tomo" Thompson lossing 41 marks,

Aboard His Superb 380 Ariel with "Bartram" frame,

Built a year or two ago by the Dawson Boys, Pete and Dave.

Our old friend Dave Wood rode the first lap on his MK3 Faber framed BSA "Otter",but retired to observe for the final 3 laps.

Thanks to all of the observers without them we would not have trials in this format.

Next Trial this Sunday,

Photos next week.


Marshbrook, South Shropshire trial.


Rough weather was forecast for the Midlands, and in the event  heavy early morning rain did fall and livened up the sections at Chris Foulkes' wood at Marshbrook, South Shropshire.  Simon Chell and sons Chris and Joe were there before the clerk of the course, their van proudly displaying "BSA" on it's registration plates! 

 And suddenly the sun was flashing through the autumn leaves. 

  In the clubman's class, Martin MacKenzie took his second win in a row on the Drayton Bantam, ahead of Colin Billington (BSA) and veteran John Davies (Ban).

   Mackenzie threw away a five on observer Neil Roberton's favourite classic muddy climb, when the forks went cross-threaded in the ruts and pitched him off.

Davies was noticeably clean twice here, riding his Bantam the same way he rode his old Greeves! Only five marks separated third to seventh place clubmen.

 Inter rider Dave Jones departed the section well before the ends, when the Mick Mills ?

framed BSA decided it knew the best line...over the edge and swiftly down a steep drop!

  Meanwhile, son Nathan in the experts had, in his own words "Two big crashes" on Stephen Leyshon's section, after two full-bloodied attempts between rabbit holes and trees went wrong, and the light alloy tank suffered somewhat. 

An interesting machine, this Cotswold BSA... Father Dave rode this bike twenty years back, winning a few events, and then sold the frame.  This year he managed to find and buy back the frame and the Cotswold bike was built up again, and this time Dave proudly watches Nathan doing the winning!   John Husband was the original builder and the bike was ridden by Andy Collins.

An early C15T motor has taken the place of the B40. 

Years of experience helped Kevin Walker ace the Inters, onboard his Cub.

  Joe Owen (Sigma) and Geoff Clarke (Cub) kept on the pressure.

  The "one-off" Sigma BSA Bantam gave Owen a scare at the start with a fuel vent problem, but Clarke was back on form after a bruising episode at Howard's Wood the week previously.

The Cub of Ernie Johnson was running too weak and this was to cost him dearly in stoppages.

Up to 350cc Expert's winner Paul Howells (Ban) was the lone rider in single figures, and in the big class Pete Reed forced the Triumph Twin around, losing 37.

  Riding a superbly prepared Francis Barnett with a Villiers 32A in a replica frame made by the Wasp company, Giles Hixon is now enjoying competing in the Experts. 

  The event was in the capable hands of Andy Lane, Nigel Houlston and John Davies, with a first class turnout of observers, including James rider John Colclough, gamely clutching his new alloy walking stick following recent surgery.

  And a welcome first ride in the feet-up game to Craig Richardson, out on a fine Gloucester Cotton, and a rider to watch in the future... once he throws away the full-face helmet! 

 And by late afternoon, rain was again falling over Marshbrook...  

   Report by "Hammertight"  

  Results: Clubmans - Martin Mackenzie (Ban) 26, Colin Billington (BSA) 36, John Davies (Ban) 51, Alan Stringer (Tri) 52, Jerry Munslow (BSA) 53, Wayne Hyde (Villiers) 55, Nigel Houlston (Greeves) 56, Craig Richardson (Cotton) 67.   Intermediates - Kevin Walker (Cub) 21, Joe Owen (Sigma) 24, Geoff Clarke (Cub) 28, Mike Butler (Ban) 33, Martin Taylor (Sprite) 34, Dave Jones (BSA) 47, Les Richardson (Villiers) 54, Ernie Johnson (Cub) 60.      Experts up to 350cc - Paul Howells (Ban) 4, Nathan Jones (Cotswold BSA) 12, Chris Chell (BSA) 18, Simon Chell (BSA) 20, Laurence Alden (Ban) 34, Giles Hixon (Francis Barnett) 42, Joe Chell (BSA) 67.     Expert over 350cc - Pete Reed (Triumph Twin) 37. 

  Photographs:  No 74 Martin Mackenzie -Winner Clubmans in section 5 on a Drayton Bantam.      Kevin Walker - Winner  Intermediates - Triumph Cub.  An rider heads for the sun under the watchful eyes of Neill Roberton.  Nigel Houlston on the ex Les Richardson Greeves,  Dave Jones lets the Mike Mills frame take the easy way out... and Pete Reed and the Sigma man himself!!!       "Hammertight"


Dave Jones Mike Mills Replica BSA.


Nigel Houlston Greeves


Pete Reed Triumph Twin.


Joe Owen, Sigma BSA Bantam.


Martin Mackenzie Drayton BSA Bantam.


Kevin Walker Triumph TR20 200 Tiger Cub 1964.


All Photos Courtesy "Hammertight".....

Neill Roberton Observing, as Chris Chell  MM BSA rides into the late Autumn sunshine.


BMCA Trial Womerton Shropshire.24/10/2016.

Good morning folks.   Images from Sunday BMCA. 

    Keith Harthill from the Moseley Club -Clubman Winner.

 Mr Ken Taylor observes Bob Greenough (Ban).   Ken rode his first trial in 1946, when in the Army, On a 250cc  Girder forked Ariel, he rode through the night from Chatham to Taunton to compete in The Lands End...

    Alan Stringer , Geoff Clarke - Inters runner-up.   Peter Reed has his eye on a tricky mucky turn in section nine.    Expert rider Giles Hixon - Francis Barnett with replica frame made by Wasp, A good gripper.

Cheers, Al 



Ken taylor. sitting pretty. checking out Bob Greenough BSA Bantam.


Giles Hixon Francis Barnett with Wasp built frame.



Triumph Cub with Four-stud forks and billet yokes, Tidy, ridden by Geoff Clarke.



Keith Harthill from the Moseley club on his tidy BSA Bantam.



Pete Reed always spells it out in Black and White even on a Grey day.

I do like that Triumph Period.



Alan Stringer just proves it was a Grey day when the Triumph factory closed and Meriden.







Ombersley BMCA Trial.

Good evening   Charlie. BMCA Trial,  Ombersley, yes   2945: Pete Reed Triumph,  2932:   Nathan Jones BSA2964: Gavin Andrews Drayton, 2935: Andy Roberton Francis Barnett, 2942: Alan Stringer BSA.   Photographs by Pete "Scoop" Dawson.      Regards, Al


Photos Courtesy "Scoop".

Nathan Jones Cotswold BSA C15, gives it the old Povey body lean.



Staring That man Pete Reed again Giving  a demonstration how to do a "Works" dab on the Triumph Twin.



Alan Stringer proving the "Only-way-is-up",

Riding this very tidy BSA B25 engined machine.



Andy Roberton proved the "Only-way-was-up" in his long Sparkling career.

And still has that Winning stare today.

What a Super little Classic Francis Barnett too.



And Lastly Gavin Andrews Keeping the New generation BSA "Britshock" to the fore.

The bike I call the "Drayton "BanStar".


Thanks to "Skoop" for these Photos, Can you believe how Dry it still is.


Friday 18th November 2016.

Message from Al about the Trials this Sunday at Wenock Edge.

Hello Charlie,  The Long Mynd was painted white this morning...  and with recent rain, Easthope Wood, up upon Wenock Edge, should be in evil mood!  I've got a James and a Bantam, both rigids, entered and with good car parking facility, hope for a good turnout, in aid of the Midlands Air Ambulance to help keep their fuel tanks brimming! All the best, Al

Midland Air Ambulance .

Trial at Easthope.


Hi Charlie,  Photos by Martin Pengilley -  0030: Kevin Walker, 0034:Ian Walters, 0039: Stephen Leyshon, 0001:  Nigel Houlston, 0009:  Dave Pengilley  (Theobald Dot).  Hammertight Photos - 2561: Steve Jones heaves the Ajay out of the clag with a broken clutch cable... 2563:   Dave Jones coaxes his lovely 3 speeder Bantam up the infamous hill through the clag.  A memorable sight!     And in the paddock afterwards, no less than £200 was stuffed into the collecting tin to help keep the fuel tanks brimmed full in the

Midlands Air Ambulances!!!

Cheers, Al


Photo Courtesy "Hammertight"


Photo Courtesy "Hammertight".


Photo Courtesy  Martin Pengilley Kevin Walker.


Photo Courtesy Martin Pengilley.


Photo Courtesy Martin Pengilley. Dave Pengilley.D>O>T>


Photo Courtesy Martin Pengilley.


Photo Courtesy Martin Pengilley.


More later trials Photos here, as they Happen.


The BMCA Waterfall trial report.

Hello Charlie, wasn't at the trial so relied on Andy Pitt and Mick Parkes.

   Joel Pitt on Jim Pickering's personal Drayton.   Photo courtesy of Andy Pitt. 


The Waterfall,  in Herefordshire, is a superb venue...  and Andy Pitt and his enthusiastic section plotters spent most of Saturday ensuring that the hazards were well thought out and sporting.

   An entry of 43 riders justified their hard work, led by the main section architect Pickering! 

  Hillside pine trees, and a rocky stream and  good run-around laps make this place special.

Mick Parkes explained that the fallen pine leaves are good at soaking up water! 

  The top three experts - Nathan Jones (Cotswold BSA) Jim Pickering (37A Villiers Drayton) and Nigel Randell (BSA) must all have been singing from the same hymn-sheet... none lost a beat, and it was down to Mick Parkes (Ban) to first put a wheel the wrong side of a red marker in section six...  a zig jag climb in his favourite pine leaves!

  Intermediate Keith Gardner(Tri Cub).managed to keep Andy Roberton on the lovely turned out Francis-Barnett four marks behind, but snatching at their rear treads by just one mark was Joel Pitt. 

Pitt was having a gallop on the personal Drayton Bantam of Jim Pickering.

Welcome big bike rider John Jacka was on the Matchless G3L and put up a good performance. 

   Twenty one Clubmen made up this very competitive class, and were headed by Nigel Pearce (BSA C15) on four marks from John Colclough (James) on eight.

  Martin MacKenzie is at home on his Drayton and grabbed third place.

  But the Gloucester Cotton in the hands of Craig Richardson was on song and he is moving up the ladder... Ray Barratt kept the Crusader framed Royal Enfield lit and between the markers, most of the time anyway!!!  A fine turnout of observers all helped to made this a Top Day,(Thank you). in conditions perfect for a trial. 


. Clubmen:     Nigel Pearce (C15) 4, John Colclough (James) 8, Martin MacKenzie (Ban) 15, James Bradley (Ban) 16, Mick Bradley (Ban) 16, Steve Haines (Cub) 18, Stephen Leyshon ( Ban) 21, Craig Richardson ( Cotton) 23, Mark Strong (Ban) 24, Garry Britton ( BSA C15) 24, John Duncombe (BSA) 24, Luke Stratton (Ban) 28, Andy Hunt (BSA) 32, Dave Thomas (C15) 34, George Houghton (Ban) 35, Ray Barrett (Royal Enfield) 38, Graham Bradley (DMW) 44, Jerry Munslow (BSA) 46, Stephen Cockayne (BSA C15) 83.  Intermediates:  Keith Gardner (Tri Cub) 2, Andy Roberton (Francis-Barnett) 6, Joel Pitt (Pickering Bantam) 7, Dave Jones (Cub) 8, Kevin Walker (Cub) 12, Christopher Dean (BSA) 17, Ernie Johnson (Cub) 18, Mark Lucas (C15) 20, John Jacka (G3L Matchless) 23, Keith Hartill (Ban) 35, Mike Butler (Ban) 36, Geoff Clarke (Cub) 43. 

Experts:  Nathan Jones (Cotswold BSA) 0,  Jim Pickering (Villiers 37A Drayton) 0, Nigel Randall (BSA) 0, Mick Parkes (Ban) 7, Gavin Andrews (Ban) 8, Paul |Howells (Ban) 12, Laurence Alden (Ban) 19, Giles Hixon (Francis- Barnett) 33, Peter Reed (Triumph Twin). 


Photo Courtesy Andy Pitt,

Joel Pitt riding the Jim Pickering Drayton BSA Bantam.



Shatterford Report,


  Report:     After a downpour on Saturday, the woods of Shatterford, near Kidderminster, were slippery and damp, and all the 44 riders were ready and chomping at the bit to get started early. 

Most old timers knew full well that the sections would deteriorate! 

Section 2 was a long one, overseen by Emma Jones, with lots of twists in and out of the trees. 

The Inters rode the Experts, with a tight right hand turn over a tree and then more twists and tight turns of the woodwork.

The Inters/Experts had a rock climb to get up, followed by a left turn back down a steep slippery slot whilst using lots of control to get the best turn in the muddy bottom, to then fire up a muddy slot littered with rocks and turning right again before heading gratefully towards the ends cards.

Ian Bullock (Villiers) had two very graceful fives here...

The Clubman route also proved tricky with a tight weave through the trees.

The ex-Mick Parkes DMW of Graham Bradley was going well and Bradley is fast getting the hang of it, although he took the opportunity to "park" the machine against a tree right next to the observer, who also took the opportunity to award him a five! 

Top clubman, after a lengthy sojourn, interspersed with "Observer duties," was a brilliant ride by Dave Taylor (BSA).  Along with Jerry Munslow (Ban), Taylor didn't have a single five recorded against him. Gordon Wright was second four marks behind, and Dave Thomas (C15) third on 19.  

  Scrambler Andy Lane swept the home - brewed Bantam the wrong side of the ends on section 7...  much to his disgust, because the Bantam was going better then ever!

 The Royal Enfield of Ray Barratt was well up the field and Barratt likes how it performs when looking for grip... Dave Harrison (BSA) and Luke Stratton (ex Andy Hunt Bantam) were in the slipstream of the Redditch motorcycle. 

By the way, the Stratton Bantam  nearly demolished Andy's garage awhile back when it went accidentally on "full song" and wouldn't calm down... 

Unlucky John Hughes broke his James's clutch lever, and it was game over for the man from near Shrewsbury. 

 In the Inters, it was that man Owen on the Sigma Bantam,who emerged a clear 17 marks ahead of Les Richardson (Villiers) with Alan Halford (Cub) just a mark behind. 

  Geoff Clarke (Cub) was on form again, and put one over on Dave Jones (Cub).

  Not sure how Dave took that, but I can guess! 

In the Experts, Jim Pickering was near enough riding around his own back garden and the Kidderminster man, out on the Drayton Villiers 37A, took the premier on 15, with Paul Munslow (Ban) tied on the same score.

The Triumph with  Steve Hay up, took third on 21 lost. 

  And so with the sections now getting a bit on the tricky side as the fun drew to a close, after the passage of eighty-eight wheels multiplied by four laps, those "old feet-up men"  who kept a move on, reaped their rewards...    Report:      Hammertight.

  And with thanks to Sue Jones and Andy Lane for their help. 


  Clubmen:  Dave Taylor (BSA) 14, Gordon Wright (Ban) 18, Dave Thomas (C15) 19, Mark Strong (Ban) 24, Martin MacKenzie (BSA) 28, Andy Lane (BSA) 28, Jerry Munslow (BSA) 28, Stephen Leyshon (BSA) 34, Colin Billington (Ban) 38, Ray Barrett (Royal Enfield) 40, Dave Harrison (BSA) 41, Luke Stratton (Ban) 44, John Colclough (James) 47, George Houghton (Ban) 48, Steve Haines (Cub) 49, Graham Bradley (DMW)) 58, Paul Guise (BSA) 62, Nigel Douglas (C15) 65, Paul Mills (Ban) 62, Duncan Coley (Vil) 88, Paul Bennett (Ban) 108. 

   Inters:  Joe Owen (Ban) 30, Les Richardson (Vil) 47, Alan Halford (Cub) 48, Kevin Walker (Cub) 53, Ian Bullock (Vil) 55, Geoff Clarke (Cub) 56, Dave Jones (Cub) 65, Ernie Johnson (Cub) 67, Charles Millington (Vil)) 73, Mike Butler (Ban) 74. 

    Experts up to 350cc:    Jim Pickering (Vil) 15, Paul Munslow (Ban) 15, Steve Hay (Tri) 21, Nathan Jones (C15) 29, Bill Woodcock (Ban) 31, Laurence Alden (Ban) 31, Mick Parkes (Ban) 56. 

  Expert over 350cc:  Pete Reed (Tri Twin) 84.  Report:  Hammertight.    


Photograph:   Left, Graham Bradley on his DMW built by Mick Parkes, former DMW Development Rider. Right.


Photo Courtesy Hammertight.©


Hello Deryk and  Charlie.   BMCA  Knighton Report:     May I take this opportunity to wish you both a peaceful and lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017!

     Great images from Eric Miles. 

     Photographs courtesy Eric Miles

  No 13 - Martin MacKenzie (BSA) is in the spirit...  No 50 Mark Newman - Ariel,  No 34 Danny Littlehales - Francis Barnett. No.29 Paul Cook -Dot.  


    Forty four competitors made their way to The Warren, Knighton, eager to see what Christmas selection box of sections had been plotted by John Jackson, Bob Greenhough and Steve Whitehouse...   They were not to be disappointed and this ideal place has all the trimmings!    Wood, stream and the big hill climb, a remnant from the old scrambles course.  A beautiful morning, the superb views way across over Shropshire only added to the occasion, with the famous Wrekin hill on the skyline, a beacon to travelling Shropshire folk that they are safely home...  The leaf mould was proving tricky in the woods, but once scrubbed off down to the sand, it got better. Section three was a good one, with a drop over a step and a sandy turn off the camber.  Observer Mark Lucas had gamely turned out with his foot in plaster after the previous week's trial...   Section seven in the stream was observer Neil Roberton's delight!  Plenty of banter and one rider on the receiving end was Andy Lane (BSA) who selected the wrong gear and had to get a foot down. On the big hill, however, his wee bike "chugged" it's way up and you could have  read the part number on the piston it was so slow in the bore!     The top clubman was Stephen Leyshon (BSA) on 9 lost, with John Colclough (James) and Mark Strong (Ban) hot on his heels on 10 and 11.    The Inters threw up a new name - Christopher Dean on a BSA on 16, with Alan Halford on 19 and Kevin Walker 23, both on the Tiger Cubs and  Walker tying with Paul Cook on a square framed Dot.    Steve Hay (Cub) stamped his authority in the Experts under 350cc class, on 2, with Paul Howell and Bill Woodcock taking their Bantams home on 5 and 14 lost.   Really competitive riding in all classes, with the over 350's led by Kev Ellis (BSA) with Pete Reed (Tri Twin)and Mark Newman (Ariel) trailing in his wake...  Two newcomers to the BMCA were SWM Twinshock rider Paul Cook on the MP forked Dot, from near Cannock Chase and expert Danny Littlehale, a Fantic 200 rider from Eccleshall.  Big grins all round as this pair campaigned a square framed Dot and a year unknown green Francis Barnett.    The Barnett had just been awoken by Littlehale, with a very basic fettle after a 25 year slumber...  the 8E motor still on points ignition and making it's presence well felt in the Inters class!  He was surprised at just how willing the Wolverhampton motor was...    And so, a first class trial drew to an end, but one rider parked his machine at the top of the big hill, hung his £150 helmet on the handlebars and relaxed... only to glimpse his £150 head gear take -off and bounce it's way down the hill... with ever increasing velocity!    A passing Triumph Twin "wag" ,in typical Midlander humour, voiced an opinion that it was lucky the hapless rider's head wasn't still in the speeding helmet!!!        Report by Hammertight  in collaboration with Andy Lane. 

      Results:   Clubman:    Stepten Leyshon (BSA) 9, John Colough (James) 10, Mark Strong (Ban) 11, Dave Thomas (C15) 14, John Duncombe (BSA) 18, Martin MacKenzie (BSA) 20, Andy Lane (Ban) 21, Luke  Stratton (Ban) 22, Craig Richardson (Cotton) 26, Andy Hunt (BSA) 26, George Houghton (Ban) 29, Ray Barrett (Royal Enfield) 29, Steve Haines (Cub) 31, Graham Bradey (DMW) 42, Gerry Munslow (BSA) 43, John Davies (Tri) 45, Stephen Cockayne (C15) 62. 

     Inters: Christopher Dean (BSA) 16, Alan Halford (Cub) 19, Kevin Walker (Cub) 23, Paul Cook (Dot) 23, Dave Jones (BSA) 24, Mike Butler (Ban) 29, Les Richardson (Ban) 31, Danny Littlehales (Francis Barnett) 34, Geoff Clarke (Cub) 36, Charles Millington (Villiers) 44, Ernie Johnson (Cub) 48.   

Experts over 350cc:   Kev Ellis (BSA) 12, Peter Reed (Tri Twin) 43, Mark Newman (Ariel) 70. 

Experts under 350cc:   Steve Hay (Tri) 2, Paul Howells (Ban) 5, Bill Woodcock (Ban) 14, Keith Wells (Ban) 17, Gavin Andrews (BSA) 20, Laurence Alden (Ban) 26, Jim Pickering (Villiers 37A) 27, Joe Owen (Ban) 37, Bob Greenhough (Ban) 39, Giles Hixon (Francis Barnett) 39.


Photos on later.

Is that is only ride of the year?

Or is he based in Lapland or Ludlow?



The Snow seems to have melted early this year unlike 1963.



Infact you could say Spring is already in the air.


Even the Ariels are taking to the trees.

Superb photos from Eric Miles ©


BMCA Muckleston. Trial


         Report:          Thirty two BMCA competitors travelled to Mucklestone, a place steeped in motorcycle trials folklore... under the Bourne family influence throughout the decades...


And the winner of the Clubmans Class was a racing driver who competes in all sorts of historic motorsport and was winner of the Goodwood Festival of Speed Hill Climb no less than five times! 

   Riding a Bantam centred on an Alan Whitton frame and hubs, Justin Law has built the rest of the machine from the paint design to the engine build. 

   "Frank's" trial is his first ever win in a trials event. 



Law has done a handful of BMCA trials in the past and also rides a Tiger Cub, and is passionate about two wheels as well as historic Jaguars! 


  Wily Doug Sherbourne (BSA) was just a mark adrift, and Graham Greaves (Ban) lost 21.

  Craig Richardson, nephew of Les Richardson, was only a mark adrift from Greaves, and with the Gloucester Cotton now on electronic ignition, the top men better look out! 

On section 8, manned by Bill Bourne, George Houghton took a fair old clout, and tried to rearrange the section with his face...  not one of his better ideas!

This was a climb up a steep greasy bank up and over a "horrible" left turn - a "cracking" section to ride though...  Houghton, despite his excursion and bruising, still managed to finish.

  Good on 'im!

  But the Bantam of John Davies lost all compression and Davies took to observing. 

   It was noted that the Tiger Cub of Marc Wycherley was a particularly good example of the little Meriden bikes.

Only Martin MacKenzie (Ban) tamed section 2, with Carol Davies in charge, and in company with Luke Stratton (Ban) the only clubmen to lose no marks in section 5.

    In the close fought Inters, Dot mounted Paul Cook took the Manchester marque to victory, but there was a very fine effort by Mike  Butler on the Bantam, who also lost 26.

 Adrian Kent on a Sprite was third and Geoff Clarke (Cub) fourth.

Whether it was the significant influence of partner/observer Emma Jones, or maybe not, but Clarke was the only inter to clean section 1 on every visit! 

  The observers always bring their sections to life, and Mick Parkes was being kept fit running up and down replacing an errant flag on top of the bank of number 5. 

  And to shouts of "Keep your feet up", Mr Roberton was egging-on the entry in his matchless manner in section 7! 

  Tim Harper(BSA) was doing his share of observing as well as riding!

 Dave Jones was giving the Triumph Twin a gallop around the course, but she was proving a handful in the greasy conditions! 

    As for the up to 350cc Experts, Chris Chell was described to me by a fellow competitor as a "total star" after bringing the BSA home on just 7 marks lost.

Jim Pickering on the 37A Villiers Drayton was second, with Nathan Jones (C15) third.

The bottom of the float bowl came adrift from the Sigma of Joe Owen in Neil Roberton's section, so the banter of "Keep your feet up" was somewhat wasted on the out of luck Owen...

  But for many people the sight and sound of Kev Ellis on his Gold Star was the most memorable... and Ellis's loss of just 23 in the over 350cc class, was a great achievement on this lovely big machine. 

  And so proceedings at Mucklestone drew to a close, but not before some welcome refreshments, served up by Sue and Emma Jones, and the raffle.   No less than £500 was raised in support of research into Esophageal cancer. 

 Report by Hammertight in collaboration with Les Richardson

  Photographs: Justin Law (Ban) by Andrew Wilding.   Kev Ellis (Gold Star) by Hammertight

    Results:      Clubman:   Justin Law (Ban) 16, Doug Sherbourne (BSA) 17, Graham Greaves (Ban) 21, Craig Richardson (Cotton) 22, John Duncombe (BSA) 32, Martin MacKenzie (BSA) 35, George Houghton (Ban) 45, Luke Stratton (Ban) 45, Andy Hunt (BSA) 48, Colin Billington (Ban) 53, Marc Wycherley (Tiger Cub) 75.

      Intermediates:   Paul Cook (Dot) 26, Mike Butler (Ban) 26, Adrian Kent (Sprite) 34, Geoff Clarke (Cub) 35, Les Richardson (Ban) 35, Keith Harthill (Ban) 45, Tim Harper (BSA) 49, Dave Jones (Tri Twin) 51. 

       Experts up to 350cc:   Chris Chell (BSA) 7, Jim Pickering (37A Villiers Drayton)  18, Nathan Jones (C15) 25, Simon Chell (BSA) 29, Stewart Branford (Ban) 29, Giles Hixon (Francis Barnett) 35, Bob Greenough (Ban) 46, Joe Chell (BSA) 49.   Expert over 350cc:     Kev Ellis (Gold Star) 23.


Bedlam Trial,


Good evening Deryk and Charlie.  Bedlam BMCA   - Report:

   The aroma of burnt castor oil wafted across the sections at Bedlam, Clee Hill, Shropshire on Sunday.

If you had been there over ninety years previously, that same intoxicating mixture would have been hanging thick in the air, with the roar of highly tuned machines, fighting for the fastest times of the day, reverberating across the fields from the hill-climb at Angel Bank. 

I don't know who was burning it on Sunday, but many, many thanks!

  No less than 49 competitors turned out at this BMCA event, ready to battle against the rocks and water and mud at this superb venue.

Clive Smith had the dubious honour of being the first to tumble from his BSA onto the hard stuff, in full view of Julia Lucas on section 2. 

  Mark Lucas, Jim Pickering and Graham Greaves had plotted 10 first class, sensible hazards, with Greaves carrying the number one plate, significantly on the very first Drayton Bantam. 

A notable non-starter was Dave Jones, who, with observer Sue, rarely misses these trials.

  Son Nathan, out on the Cotswold BSA, accounted that his father had "blown-up the tyres on the van on the Saturday and remarked on how well she was running... but it was a different story on Sunday morning when nightshift Gremlins had got into the van's suspension system..." 

Nathan's BSA is not as "roarty" as his Tiger Cub, which will aviate it's way over the big rocks. 

The more mild mannered Cotswold plonker requires more careful use of the handlebars! And big bike exponent Merv Powell (Ariel) from Hereford, scooped first place in the Clubmans on a lone one mark loss!

This Ariel will, I'm told, be competing in the Talmag, at the weekend. 

The C15 of Dave Thomas was runner-up on 4, with Malcolm Herbert (Bantam) and Clive Smith both on 7. 

Craig Richardson has been burning the midnight oil on his very standard Cotton and lost 8, but a rear chain spring link came adrift on Andy Lane's section 9, thus spoiling a very commendable ride.

 The Royal Enfield of Ray Barratt looked to be taking the section in it's stride, but surprised with a slack dab on the final lap.

Some observers seem to be attracted to certain sections...

  Andy has been here before, Neil Roberton always picks section 10 and Malcolm Holden seems to be a permanent fixture on the climbing gulley with the big step!

  Holden and Intermediate Keith Hartill will not forget what happened when the Bantam of Hartill struck the big step with some force, and the machine broke in two at the headstock...

Fortunately the rider escaped reasonably unscathed, although his wrists took the brunt of the shock.

Nevertheless, Hartill nonchalantly slung the engine and frame over his shoulder and negotiated the wooden bridge and stile into the main field, and Luke Stratton leapt to his assistance to lug the Bantam homewards, slung on a length of timber.

Riding a Villiers 197cc 8E for the first time, Ian Bullock brought the Steve Gollings Drayton onto the rostrum.

  Joe Owen was also on 11 marks on the unique Sigma, with Alan Halford (Cub) third on 13. Ernie Johnson lost the Inter win on section 9, when the front wheel of the Cub wandered on the wrong side of a large rock on the last lap, and Johnson dropped the little Meriden machine. 

 The observer himself, no less, provides an on the spot description of section 9...  "A run up the brook over and between rocks, across a very slippery slab and up and over more rocks and roots, followed by a turn to the end cards"    No relaxing to take in the views.

Another last lap victim was Kevin Walker, whose Cub had thrown it's rear chain.

  It seemed that the tensioner spring was the problem, and it was jury-rigged using binder twine, which Walker always carries, along with some very tasty boiled sweets from Aldi, in a tin box...

  But alas the makeshift repair didn't work for long and retirement  beckoned.

The cause was finally found back in the paddock, when it was noticed that the snail-cam stop screw had failed, allowing the rear wheel to lose alignment. 

  Expert Gary Hawkins hit the same section 9 rock as Ernie Johnson, and also on the last lap, and the nicely prepared BSA hit the deck.

  It fell on Paul Howells to head the up to 350cc class by losing just the one. 

The Bantams of Gavin Andrews and Peter Edwards from Kerry, along with Nathan Jones (Cotswolds BSA) all dropped 2, with Steve Hay (Tri) and Carl Blakely (B40) both keeping in the single figures.

  Over 350cc protagonists Pete Reed on the Triumph Twin and Arthur Browning on the Jawa had their own dual! 

Section 5 had a tricky little turning climb before slotting back into the brook. 

Peter Archer was notably stylish here, cutting the high apex and waving the front wheel skywards for a confident clean. 

  On the same turn, the James of Gerry Minshall, faltered and the motor stopped...   The buzz went around that a seemingly innocent bystander very close to the action, had maybe, somehow, pulled the HT lead off of the Greet bike... just for the craic! But this is pure supposition, of course. 

 Report -Hammertight .

      RESULTS:    CLUBMAN: Merv Powell (Ariel) 1, Dave Thomas (C15) 4, Malcolm Herbert (Ban) 7, Clive Smith (BSA) 7, Craig Richardson (Cotton) 8, Martin MacKenzie (BSA) 10.     Inters: Ian Bullock (Gollings Drayton 8E) 11, Joe Owen (Sigma Ban) 11, Alan Halford (Cub) 13, Ernie Johnson (Cub) 14, Mike Butler (Greeves) 24, Les Richardson (Villiers) 27, Charles Millington (Villiers) 32. 

Experts up to 350cc:  Paul Howells (Ban) 1, Gavin Andrews (BSA) 2, Peter Edwards (Drayton Ban) 2, Nathan Jones (Cotswold BSA) 2, Steve Hays |(Tri) 3, Carl Blakley (B40) 5. 

  Experts over 350cc: Peter Reed (Tri Twin) 28, Arthur Browning (Jawa) 36. 

  Photographs:  2659: Gerry Minshall watched close-up by Arthur Browning...and Gavin Andrews. 

2718: Kevin Walker and binder twine repair.

2679: Clubman Winner Merv Powell.

  2696: Keith Hartill and the broken Bantam.

2705: Bob Davis (Dot)


Photos tomorrow and worth waiting for.


Merv Powell. Clubman Winner.


Gerry Minshall  watched by Big Arthur and  Gavin Andrews checking the line.



Keith Hartill can't believe his luck, Hope that's not a Drayton?



Kevin Walker also has his problems. It was Bedlam.




More Trials Photos and reports here Later. as they Happen.



    Report Around twenty two years ago, Brian Benniman from the Minsterley Club was riding past Wilderley and noticed a rocky stream...  and in no time had tracked down the farmer and Wilderley had found itself on the trials map! 

  Nigel Houlston and Tony Williams have carried on the association in the intervening years, during which time Mr Gerald Hulme sold the farm but retained the trials area, such was this car rally-driver's enthusiasm to support the motorcyclists! 

  And on Sunday Nigel and John Hughes kept the tradition going and had set-out an entertaining course of ten sections. 

The weatherman was forecasting rain drifting in from the Atlantic, but the organisers somehow made sure it didn't arrive over the Long Mynd hill, with it's vistas over Shropshire, until proceedings drew to an end... and the sections closed.

In the Clubmans, Stephen Layshon brought the Bantam home first, and was the only rider to clean section 2. Craig Richardson (Cotton) was best in 5, with two good cleans to his name. Malcolm Herbert (Bantam) and John Sanders (James) were the only clubmen to clean 7 and 8, Sanders was tops on 9, and Leyshon and Herbert both lost 3 in the mud-plugger's delight - section ten, on their last lap.

The 197 James was particularly impressive in the deep mud, pulling third gear without a waiver off line, and a very well pleased Sanders, who hails from Clehonger and is a member of the Hereford Classic Club.

 For the Intermediates, it was a close fought tussle, with the Cub of Kevin Walker tying with Mark Strong (Bantam) on 34 marks. Dave Jones (Cub), and in company with Strong, and Dave Pengilley (Theobald Dot), lost 37 apiece. 

Observer Andy Lane was enjoying the antics on his section 5, a tricky crawl dropping around a tree on the steeply sloping stream bank, and then a climbing double root exit. 

This took it's toll!  Jones's Cub carried him across for a two and a one.  Les Richardson was next best here, losing just five, on the 37A Villiers Drayton.

With scarcely time for a breath, section six was a climb out of the water, a drop down into a "U" turn back into the stream bed.

Pencil at the ready, John Hughes was ever vigilent, and also an observer enjoying the riding skill.  Pengilley was best here, with two "works" dabs. 

  A typical "blast from the past" was section 10!  Winner Walker on the Meriden marque, and Pengilley on the Manchester machine, lost a miserly one mark on their first attempts, and that was that!

  Ear-catching was the BSA of Lucas, which has a Triumph piston installed and she sounded just right with a near perfect match of grip and throttle...

 Mike Butler had a tyre go flat, at the bottom...

  In the Experts up to 350cc, Steve Hay was on the BSA, and kept his tally in single figures and had the distinction of cleaning section five on every visit.

It was the same in section 6, but this time in the company of Jim Pickering on the 37A Villiers Drayton. 

It was Gavin Andrews (Drayton BSA) and Paul Munslow on the square section swinging arm Bantam, who were feet-up in 9. 

Arthur Browning was against only himself in the over 350 class. The Czech machine was taking some persuasion, though, especially on Andy Lane's section where a couple of "fiascos" were recorded...

  But the bike was in it's element, scything through the deep clag for a single mark, in Malcolm Holden's section 10. "Arfer" however wasn't quite so complimentary about the section, that former rider Holden had travelled eighty miles to observe, and said so in his own inimitable manner!!!      Photos:  2795  Craig Richardson in section 10 on the Cotton.

   2771   Ray Barratt- Crusader framed RE. With Malcolm Holden observing. 

  2808  Dave Thomas  -Sprite. 

2780 Steve Hay- BSA.

  2751 Malcolm Herbert - Bantam.

 2817  John Sanders - James  

    Results:   Clubman:   Stephen Layshon (Ban) 23, Malcolm Herbert (Ban) 25, John Sanders (James) 28, John Duncombe (BSA) 37, Craig Richardson (Cotton) 38, George Houghton (Ban) 42, Luke Stratton (Ban) 47, Jerry Munslow (Ban) 66, Ray Barrett ( Royal Enfield) 72, Dave Thomas (Sprite) 84. 

   Inters:  Kevin Walker (Cub) 34, Mark Lucas (BSA) 34, Dave Jones (Tri) 37, Mark Strong (Ban) 37, Dave Pengilley (Theobald Dot) 37, Ian Bullock (Gollings 8E Drayton) 48, Les Richardson (37A Drayton) 48, Ernie Johnson (Cub) 53.

     Experts over 350cc:   Arthur Browning (Jawa) 32.     Up to 350cc:  Steve Hay (BSA) 6, Gavin Andrews (BSA) 11, Paul Howells (Ban) 14, Paul Munslow (Ban) 16, Jim Pickering (37A Drayton) 19, Joe Owen (Sigma) 30, Laurence Alden (Ban) 35.

Hammertight. Charlie> Thanks Al.


Steve Hay BSA.



Craig Richardson CoTTon.



Dave Thomas "Sprite"



"Olde Tyme" John Sanders James.



Ray Barratt Royal Enfield.



Joe Owen, riding the Rob Homer built Sigma BSA Bantam.



Buildwas. Trial Report.

 Herewith the Report by Hammertight, Andy Lane and Les Richardson.

  Photograph by Eric Miles. 

  Shropshire veteran John Davies aboard his favourite Triumph Twin, the observer's name in photograph...  Malcolm Holden, former competitor.. 


      Report:   Thirty-four BMCA competitors assembled at Buildwas, near to the famous Ironbridge Gorge in Shropshire.

A muddy trial, with the limestone clay offering limited grip... Course plotters  Clive Parry and Alex Crane know the score here, and a lot of effort had been put in to mark out a sensible selection of hazards.

 Jerry Munslow took top clubman place on his Bantam, but the big thumpers of Merv Powell (Ariel) and Ray Barrett (Royal Enfield) were breathing down his neck, with just three marks covering them.

  The twists around the trees in section 5 sorted them out, with Andy Lane steering the BSA wrong side of a flag and Colin Billington deviating his Bantam into the experts route...  Mind you, when a young Billington started in trials, everyone went in the same direction!  Powell was best here, with just a two on the final lap, and Dave "The Cap" Thomas next on the Sprite with a one and a two.

Sue Jones was busy with the pencil on section three, where the Land Rover tracks caused the concerns...  The Cotton of Craig Richardson was the only machine to go clean on each visit... although the gearbox was playing up, and Uncle Les will be showing him the tricks of stripping and putting back together a Villiers 4 speeder this week!

 It was the first time the "other" Dave Thomas (C15) had entered the intermediates, and he was going well...  until on lap 2 in section 5, when the motor lost it's bark...  A few wires were wiggled, and he managed another lap, but again she cut-out. The culprit was traced to the low tension wire at the coil. But Thomas was first in the queue for the on the site "jet-wash", a very necessary facility given the lime content out  on the hillside.

 Any footing was simply out of the question for Dave Jones on the Triumph, and Mick Parkes (Ban) threw away a solidary one on the section overseen by Jones's wife Sue... But that's life. 

Anyway, on to Section 10 , and Neil Roberton was on duty here.   A tight turn in water after a slippery drop, caught out a few of the experts, but not Nathan Jones (BSA) or Paul Howells (Ban) who "cast nowt away".  Laurence Alden posted a grand performance and grabbed third place on three, on the Bantam. 

It's not often we report Steve Hay out of the running, but a "bit of a mishap" in section 10 snapped the clutch lever clamp off, and Hay found himself face-down in some particularly dirty water!  Mike Butler took a similar face-full at Buildwas last year, when a Francis-Barnett upended on him and he took a flying splash.

  Setting a precedent, eh, Butler!

 And so to the end of a successful event, but glancing across towards the Ironbridge power station, the big chimney top and bottom was visible, but the middle wasn't to be seen, such were the weather conditions. 

 When the club returns to Buildwas, it's likely that the landmark huge cooling towers, with their unique red hue, will have been flattened, as work on decommissioning the site continues...   So, Farewell! 

   Results:   Clubmen:  Jerry Munslow (BSA) 12, Merv Powell (Ariel) 13, Ray Barratt (Royal Enfield) 14, Andy Lane (BSA) 15, George Houghton (Ban) 16, John Davies (Tri Twin) 16.  

     Inters:  Dave Jones (Tri) 0, Mike Parkes (Ban) 1, Alan Halford (Cub) 3, Mark Strong (Ban) 5, John Colclough (James) 5, Ernie Johnson (Cub) 8. 

   Experts: Up to 350cc.   Nathan Jones (C15) 0, Paul Howells (Ban) 0, Laurence Alden (Ban) 3, Peter Archer (BSA) 7, Paul Munslow (BSA) 9, Joe Owen (Ban) 28.

  Over 350cc.  Arthur Browning (Jawa) 12. 




Mamble Trial Report 

 Muddy waters, rockery, cross-camber climbs, dodgy drops, slithery twists around trees, energy sapping clag...   Mamble has it all!

Thirty two competitors lined up in anticipation of what the plotters - Kevin Walker, Les Richardson, Stephen Layshon, Mick Parkes and Bob Davis - had in store for them... 

It was way back in 1977 that Frank Green, who with Ek Hyland, was one of those responsible for founding the AMCA, mentioned to John Colclough that he knew of some good trials land near Clows Top, Worcestershire. Scrambles had been run there in the 50's/60's. 

  The stream was cleared out, and the venue has been used ever since. 

John Colclough formed a lasting friendship with the Jones family at the farm.

Talking of land, observer Brian Handley, who was on section nine, accompanied by wife Kath, was the chap who got permission to use Easthope Wood, on Wenlock Edge, many moons ago.



 The first three sections were, in the words of an expert, "hard" and an inters rider said something like "I closed my eyes"... but mercifully they added that it then got easier! 

The event was something of a celebration, because all the classes were won on four-strokes...   Clubman victor Merv Powell, who had missed out a section at the recent Talmag, took his time and inspected the hazards carefully  and the Ariel cut it's way through the slippery stuff!

  A rider said that it was bad enough just getting to the sections. 

Dave Thomas had got the C15 running well again, after she had conked out at Buildwas, but he could not overhaul Powell.

It was a pretty cold stand for the observers, that's for sure!  Hats off to them all.

In the inters, it was Cub, Cub, Cub and more Cub, as Alan Halford led the pack of Walker, Dave Jones and Ernie Johnson.  Then appeared the first stroker, Graham Greaves aboard the prototype Drayton, and leading a squadron of Bantams in close formation. 

  Colclough was hobbling after a fall, and took up the pencil on section five. 

  A dropping slippery turn there into the stream caught out Walker on lap 2,  and a splash into the water via the handlebars was not on the agenda...

  Straightaway the next rider along decided to make an even bigger splash. 

And the now water cooled Jawa of Arthur Browning was reluctant to proceed further... 

Luckily Powell was on hand and she eventually fired-up. Browning however decided to start up the van instead!

  In the experts, Steve Hay (BSA) finished on 13, 5 ahead of Nathan Jones on the Cotswold BSA.  Jones knew his luck had deserted when sections two and three each claimed three marks on the final visit. 

Paul Howells brought the Bantam into third place.   The "deep" silencer on this machine has been worked-on by Joe Howells, and the motor appears to rev-out very cleanly. 

  Given the adverse weather leading up to the trial, it was realised that things would be "interesting", and they were...  but nevertheless a first class effort by the organisers... who now had to gather-in the course markers, as the sleet fell and enveloped a now silent magic place called Mamble...     Hammertight.   2931:Mick Parkes questions Paul Howells about the "deep" silencer...)  2909:  Alan Halford Inters winner with John Colclough observing. 2926: Wobbly Bob Davis...  smoke and mirrors?  2874: Jerry Munslow (Bantam) almost makes it... Hammertight


Photos Courtesy "Hammertight"

Alan Halford riding his Triumph Cub with the ex -works development engine, a true one off.



Jerry Munslow, it started with a "Works" dab but went wrong.



"Wobbly" Bob Davis shows Jerry how it should be done, well almost.

Sometimes things just dont "Work".



Mick Parkes and Paul Howells just wondering what happend to the colour in their life,

 but can't seem to work it out.


BMCA trial at Leighton, Wales

They kept a traditional warm welcome on the hillside at Leighton, on the eastern side of the Long Mountain, Powys on Sunday. Steve Goode who runs his motorcycling business at Castle Caereinion, Martin MacKenzie and land-owner Rob Jones had marked out ten sections, carefully thought out and involving a fair bit of time cutting-back trees.

   Twenty five competitors and a select band of observers and enthusiasts made longish treks across the border, traversing in and out of Shropshire and Powys several times as the boundary snakes to and fro between these ancient lands...

This venue carries with it a reputation of typical Goode long sections...

Climbing up the steep and sharp rock-stepped stream and the greasy ups and downs of the woodlands, It is by no means a "walk in the park"...

  But Goode and his colleagues were clearly worried about the high attrition rate, and would like riders to make their feelings known, as to what they would like to see changed for next time... so now is your chance.

In the Clubman, Dave Thomas was top combatant, and was "leading on the roads" anyway as the sweet running C15 was kept on the boil.

  MacKenzie (Drayton) was a good second, with three ones up the waterfall section, and where he had his only five of the day.

Then followed Stephen Leyshon and George Houghton on their Drayton Bantams, in equal third position.

Andy Hunt forced the BSA up the waterfall  to record the best attempts, losing a total of six.  But the tan from his recent trip down under was being threatened in the Welsh drizzle...

 A big "off" in Sue Jones's section resulted in Andy Lane needing first aid from good Samaritans Pete Reed and John Danter.

   It was the Doug Theobald Dot which was steered to first place in the Inters by Dave Pengilley, who is more used to flying the Kawasaki flag rather than an old British trials-iron emblem... although this Dot is the all alloy model!!!

   Kevin Walker (Cub) held off Mark Strong on the Bantam.

 Spectators might have thought that Mike Butler was waving happily to them, but in reality it was just that the twistgrip of the Bantam had fallen off the 'bars and Butler was trying his best to snatch it back again out of thin air. 

  The waterfall got the best of both over 250cc Experts.  Arthur Browning rode a flawless first lap climb onboard the Jawa, refusing to foot, and received applause from those in the know. Peter Reed thought he was doing okay, but the big Triumph upended back down the cascading water... to finish perfectly upside down, resting on it's handlebars.

An episode on lap two at the same place resulted in Browning calling it a day and Reed did likewise.

   The up to 250cc Experts were headed by Gavin Andrews on his Drayton BSA, stealing the limelight from Nathan Jones (Cotswold BSA) and Paul Munslow (BSA) by seven marks. Andrew's total score of thirty six highlights the severity of the sections, and as the old codgers fought to regain their breath, the embrocation brews would doubtless be in high demand come night time.

  And a grateful thank you to Nick Reeves who picked-up a vacant observers card and wielded the pencil!

    Photos:  3051 - Observers Alan and Sheila Reynolds from the Moseley Club.   3052 - Farmer Rob Jones and his Ferguson and 3049 Gavin Andrews (Drayton BSA) by Hammertight.   Jim Pickering (37A Villiers Drayton) and Jerry Munslow (Bantam)  -

 images courtesy Rob Williams.  0073 - Dave Thomas (C15)  0084 - Pete Reed (Triumph Twin)  0092 Dave Pengilley (Theobald Dot) -  courtesy Martin Pengilley.        Hammertight

Photos later when edited.


The Backbone of any trial even though he has to suffer starting that Little Fergy.

"Shed and Buried" mate.


Again without these people we would not have observed trials. Thanks Guy's, and the right colour tops for Moseley, I was going to add the stripes but to good a shot to spoil.


Dave Thomas BSA C15. Photo Courtesy Martin Pengilley


Pete Read, 400 Triumph. Photo Martin Pengilley.


Photo Courtesy Rob Williams.

Jim Pickering Drayton Villiers.


Photo Courtesy Rob Williams.

Jerry Munslow BSA Bantam.


D.O.T. on that page later Al.


 BMCA trial, Knighton, Staffs. 

        Riders were throwing away marks like confetti around the old scrambles track at Knighton, with it's woodland ups and downers, high quality mud and the set-piece Big Hill...

  The water in the stream was deep enough to make a submarine feel at home... so was not used.    John Jackson, Steve Johnson and Pete Reed had laid on a testing ten section BMCA event.

There was only one retirement...   Reed himself had been seen "making adjustments" in the paddock to the clutch of the Triumph, and lost valuable time.

He parked-up the twin on the last lap and contented himself by gathering-up the section markers...

Clubman Stephen Leyshon stole the show on his BSA, with a six mark buffer over Dave Thomas (C15). It was sections two and ten which ratcheted up the scores. 

  Jerry Munslow recorded the best effort of a one on section two, on his Bantam, and the lone clubman to clean ten, the Big Hill, was Luke Stratton on the ex-Andy Hunt Bantam. 

So the Hill was taking no prisoners,  "Gruesome" scowled one Villiers rider, with a big grin! And the lower twists began to become devoid of traction...

The experts had a rocky outcrop near the top, which had to be got just right.  Observer was one man and his dog, regular competitor Mike Butler.

In the closely fought Intermediates, Dave Beddoes was enjoying himself on and off the Villiers powered Pickering built Drayton, and had four excellent cleans on section 4, observed by Ian Whittall of the Acorns Club.

I understand that the 37A motor has been prepared by Villiers Services. 

No one else managed even just one clean! But on the last lap, there was the unmistakable sound of a sprocket-jumping chain up the Hill,  and Beddoes had to curtail his attempt on the Hill to lessen any damage...  Graham Greaves (Drayton) took a great second place by one mark from Kevin Walker.

The original Drayton made, Greaves gets on very well with this machine. No Inter conquered the Hill, although it wasn't for want of good, honest trying... 

Walker was very unlucky because just on the summit, after a magic ascent, the Cub jumped out of gear...

  Even so, two threes, a one and a five was a "best in class" result for the Meriden machine.

The Gold Star was a sight to behold as Kevin Ellis, third expert, let her loose and got a clean! 

  Only other expert to make it feet-up to the top was second placeman Gavin Andrews... and he did it twice on the BSA Drayton. 

 Section eight was a tricky run across a steeply sloping bank, and the experts had a couple of twisters to negotiate, and then everyone had to try and reach the ends cards up the steep climb-out.

Andy Lane was on the pencil here, having a sojourn following a "big off" the week before.  Andrews was masterful, with the only all cleans...

  This section took it's fair share of marks, but as the observer told me, they were all fairly "soft" stepping-off the bike type failures, much like you would do as you turn up for work and park the bike... 

  When the final scores were counted, a consistent ride by Steve Hay (BSA) won the day.  And so the fun came to an end, and it only remained for riders and officials to persuade their spinning four-wheelers out of the field.

  Clubman winner Leyshon had even brought along special lengths of high grade carpet to provide his van grip through the gloop... 



Andy Hunt BSA and a happy face.

All Photos Courtesy "Hammertight"



Steady as she goes... Ray Barratt eases the Royal Enfield on a "soft" throttle across the breaking-up camber on section 8 at Knighton.   Some years ago, at Muckleston, I got a big fright when a rider went over the 'bars and this great volume of red liquid erupted...   I'm pretty sure it was Ray and his trademark Lucozade bursting open!!!   Al



Another Drayton Villiers.



And Another Drayton Villiers.

Jim do you think you have got the engines to high in the frame?

 Or why else would they keep falling over?



   BMCA Trial, Pattingham.  12th March 2017.

   Thirty four BMCA competitors sped their way to Pattingham, and the sun was there to greet them.

  Pete Reed and Les Richardson had laid out ten sections at this scrambles track venue.

  The experts course on section 4 proved the bogey and no one cleaned it during the event.  The sticking point was a dropping hairpin turn in the ditch, mucky and with an "unkickable" lump of stoneware to contend with... And cleverly marked out...

  There were many first class attempts, but "works dabs" were the best recorded. 

   Nathan Jones decided on a new approach on the Cotswold BSA, and on lap three he threw caution to the winds and lofted the front wheel in a low pivot type turn. 

It didn't work, and cost him a two... But it was surely a valiant attempt.

 After the trial was over, back he came and announced that he wasn't going home until he cleaned it.

  After some more practice runs, and just as plans to install flood-lighting were being drawn up, he went and kept his feet pinned to the pegs!  And we could all go home before sunset...   As the marks were counted, Jones and Steven Hay (BSA) emerged with totals of six apiece, with Paul Howells on 8, and Jim Pickering, out on the second Drayton built, on eleven.  Jones, Hay and Pickering all lost the same on the infamous section four. 

The prototype Drayton was also in the entry, ridden by Graham Greaves to second place in the Intermediates. 

The front brake cable nipple on Pete Reed's Triumph went into space... and it was left to Arthur Browning to keep the castor burning Czech motor "lit". 

And, anyway, section plotter Reed had already been over the handlebars on the first lap!  Onboard the Bantam, Mark Strong pipped Greaves by three marks in the Intermediate class.  Shaking down his C15 in preparation for the Pre 65 Scottish was Mark Lucas, in third place, one ahead of Mike Butler(Bantam).

  But back in the paddock, John Colclough was on his knees trying to sort out jetting problems on the 250 James. 

Colclough had weakened the mixture the previous week at Knighton, and the Villiers mill was now making noises it didn't ought to...

   A grand turn-out of fifteen contested the Clubman class.  Stephen Leyshon (BSA) lost just a mark, on Carol Davis's section on the last lap, to waltz away to the class win. 

Dave Taylor had a steady ride losing eight, three ahead of Craig Richardson (Cotton).  Richardson lost a costly five on section four when the Gloucester machine threw him in a heap as the front wheel washed-out after she got away from him....

  Graham Bradley was out on the ex-Mick Parkes DMW, and an immaculate three speed 197cc Villiers housed in a Drayton frame was campaigned by Duncan Coley. 

As competitors loaded-up and headed for home, one expert, Bantam rider Bill Woodcock, was to "remember" this event as the day he "forgot" about the last three sections!!!


Photos Later.


Photo Courtesy Eric Miles.

Nathan Jones Insists on cleaning section four even with the light fading.


Photo Courtesy "Hammertight"


Craig Richardson CoTTon.


Photo Courtesy "Hammertight"

A spot of Paddock Tuning,


Photo again "Hammertight".



Charlie,>Not all photos sent in from the trials have been posted because of space. but later a page will be constructed for "The ones that got away" .


  BMCA Bedlam Report

    The BMCA trials brigade, thirty six strong, paraded at Bedlam, under Titterstone Clee Hill, on an overcast but mild morning. The slimy rocks were moving about all over the shop and the section scrubbers had their work cut-out. John Colclough had spent many hours setting out the course of ten sections up the rocky stream, with a couple of climbs thrown in, and an optional section eleven.

 And so it is fitting to report that Colclough (James) was top intermediate on the day. Mike Butler (Ban) and Kevin Walker were in hot pursuit, with Alan Halford (Cub) not far back.

Dave Pengilley was out on a 250cc Dot again, but retired the machine at the end of lap two, when the motor started to rattle, and Pengilley did not want to risk major damage. Investigation in the workshop found a loose flywheel nut.

 So the Villiers Hammer Tight special spanner and a Birmingham screwdriver will be required!  Third placeman Walker had a worrying few minutes at the start, when the clutch on the Cub wouldn't spin the motor over. 

  It was from the clubman class that the star ride in the trial emerged, when Merv Powell plonked the Ariel round for just one mark, and observer Amanda Fellows was on hand to catch him on her section four! 

A classic performance appreciated by the onlookers.

Dave Thomas (C15) held off Andy Hunt, debuting a Villiers Drayton, resplendent in blue and at first glance a reminder of the first 175cc blue Bultacos... Hunt was "chuffed" with the way the bike went.  John Sanders was making a welcome return to Bedlam on the very original 197 James, and Mick Beech was out on a nicely prepared Drayton C15.

  In the experts, Steve Hay (BSA) bagged first place, and Carl Blakely three behind, with Gerry Minshall (James) and Paul Munslow (BSA) both on 14 lost.

Blakely's B40 was built by Minshall about five years ago, with a Mick Mills frame and the engine put together by Pete Kirby.

 After nearly a thirty year lay-off, from the long ago days when he competed against the likes of Hay on Montesas and Fantics,  Blakely made a welcome return to the scene about six months ago. 

 The Jawa and Arthur Browning got off piste, as you might say, on the steep climb out of section eight, observed by Simon Wynn. Man and machine were left teetering on the edge...  But friends in need are friends indeed... and in a flash competitors Powell, Colclough, photographer Martin Pengilley and former scrambler Roy Raxter became his rescuers!   Browning was unfazed by it all.  "There's none of you pulling in the right direction" said the Jawa rider, as the lads struggled! 

  John Davies was also in trouble in section eight when the Bantam faltered. 

The gearbox sprocket had worked loose. 

With the Scottish in mind, section plotter Colclough offered riders the option of an extra section - eleven. 

This was his take of "Bedlam's Pipeline", a chance to traverse a pipeline spanning the old railway access archway. 

 Pete Reed announced that a free ride would be given to anyone who cleaned the Pipeline.  Intermediates were to ride it backwards... 

    All too soon, the four laps were completed, and the gallant band of observers carried their "day's takings" back to be added-up, leaving behind the remains of an historic industrial railway system which had a  1 in 9.27 cable operated incline of well over a mile in length... until the next time!  

     Photographs: Image 2.PNG - Merv Powell (Ariel)  Star Rider.     3337 - Alan Halford (Cub).  3346 - Carl Blakely, second expert, on his BSA B40.  3388 - Alan Wright (BSA) climbs out of section ten, with Neil Roberton the observer. 0125 - Dave Pengilley (Theobald Dot)  0112 - Andy Hunt (Villiers Drayton) third in clubman class.  3423 - Duncan Coley (Drayton Villiers) observes Arthur Browning.  3418 - Dave and Sue Jones and Scruff.   3367 - Arthur Browning, John Colclough, Merv Powell, Martin Pengilley and Roy Raxter.  3375 - Martin Mackenzie (Ban)  3379 - Dave Harrison (BSA) at section eleven...    (Photo Credits:    Image 2.PNG by Dave Thomas.   0125, 0112 by Martin Pengilley.  The rest by Hammertight)

Charlie,> all other photos will be in "The ones that got away"

             Results:   Clubman:   Merv Powell (Ariel) 1, Dave Thomas (C15) 8, Andy Hunt (Villiers Drayton) 9, Martin MacKenzie (BSA) 10, John Sanders (James) 20, Dave Harrison (BSA) 20, Luke Stratton (Ban) 23, George Houghton (Ban) 26, Mick Beech (Drayton C15) 33, Duncan Coley (3 speed Villiers Drayton) 34,Graham Bradley (DMW) 52, Jerry Munslow (Ban) 86.     Intermediates:   John Colclough (James) 9, Mike Butler (Ban) 15, Kevin Walker (Cub) 16, Alan Halford (Cub) 18, Mark Strong (Ban) 27, Les Richardson (Villiers Drayton) 31, Charles Millington (Villiers Drayton) 33, Dave Jones (Cub) 42.  Experts:  Steven Hay (BSA) 2, Carl Blakely (B40) 5, Gerry Minshall (James) 14, Paul Munslow (BSA) 14, Nathan Jones (BSA) 16,Joe Owen (Sigma) 28, Mick Parkes (Ban) 34, Steve Gollings (Villiers) 35, Laurence Alden (Ban) 44, Arthur Browning (Jawa) 45, Alan Wright (BSA) 47, Peter Reed (Triumph) 52.        Hammertight.   



Arthur Being pulled out of trouble reluctantly.



"Now do I kick the bike? Or kick the dog"?



Oh no! not him again, I thought he had retired from trials riding.



Nice style there Al.



 BMCA  Mucklestone Report:     

"I've been going to Mucklestone for fifty years."  So said Arthur Browning as he worked in the paddock on the Jawa.

The right hand footrest pivot bolt had sheared... It had been centre drilled to lighten it, by the man himself...  maybe a wee bit too light! 

Twenty five riders had made their way to the Staffordshire farm belonging to Frank and Peggy Bourne. 

A ten section course had been devised by Triumph aficionados  Frank and son Bill. 

Clubman Stephen Leyshon (BSA) is usually "first on the roads", so much so that he is in danger of getting a speeding ticket. 

After a feet-up performance in the tricky hillside and root strewn section eight, he motored into Malcolm Holden's section nine and threw the front end away with some style.

But, no matter, his total of 24 marks lost meant a comfortable win over Luke Stratton (Ban) on 41. Andy Hunt was out on the blue Drayton, with the 250cc Villiers power plant.

 A nicely set-up machine, although Hunt was seen to "run out of corner" a couple of times and looked somewhat perplexed.

But for my money, the machine of the day was the 1932 250cc OK Supreme with JAP competition engine and ridden by Dave Beddoes.

 Section four took it's toll; you needed to be pretty confident to cope with the right turn on top of the banking.

And the OK Supreme was just not going to be persuaded around a vicious U-turn in the middle part of the section.

  Teacher Natalie Forman was having a fairly relaxed marking-session, but a tree stump halfway up the climbing turn on her section seven caused a few fives. 

Section eight, with it's slow drop and a high climbing left hander over roots and a step, had been marked out giving a choice of high or low routes.

And it was here that Beddoes chose the "high road" and rattled off two superb cleans on the eighty-five year old bicycle, with only winner Leyshon getting the better of him. 

Beddoes reckoned that the fear factor is a recognised necessary feature of the sport...  and he was " affeared" by section eight alright!   

   Graham Bradley was really enjoying the role of observer, and not scared at all! 

The Supreme was getting a bit hot, though, and a plug change was needed. 

John Davies had a root around in his pockets and soon found a suitable KLG, AC, Lodge or it could even have been a Champion!

 Davies' big Triumph Twin had dug it's handlebars deep underground in section four, which resulted in the 'bars moving on their mountings and, bizarrely, also breaking the fuel tap lever clean off into the bargain.  

In the Intermediate class, Les Richardson on the Villiers Drayton held off a determined attempt by Graham Greaves on the prototype Bantam Drayton, with patriotic helmeted Mike Butler (Ban) third. Kevin Walker was uncharacteristically well down in the results. 

The Cub's clutch lever was hanging on by it's wire, after a tumble on the rocks in section two also left Walker a  bit detuned.

  Good though to see John Danter in charge of the section. The Sprite of Martin Taylor is an interesting example of the marque, this bike having been builder Frank Hipkins' own.      Then it was the Experts - and a runaway win for Bill Woodcock and the Bantam... Just two dabs and job done.

Woodcock was also the only rider to conquer section five on all visits. 

Ex-motocrosser Woodcock has also tried road-racing, tarmac hill-climbs and started competing  with success in modern trials eleven years ago.

 Now riding a Bantam with "all the good bits in a Drayton frame". 

  Jim Pickering was on a 37A  Villiers Drayton and beat Mick Parkes (Ban) by a mark.

  After the trial, Pickering and company were to be seen testing several flywheel weights, in their never ending quest to get the best from the models.

 Indeed, one Drayton Bantam rider has been reported as saying the experience "has been life-changing" for him!!! 

                                                               On the Friday, the course would have been drooked, but now the sun was shining.

The marl pits at Mucklestone are by nature very good at retaining water,  and now contain plenty of big stones pulled from the surrounding fields. 

Many a trials rider has fought to find grip there over the years... and failed!

 Together with the drops and climbs between the trees on grassy root-infested banks,  Mucklestone can be both delightful and frightful!!!     Hammertight.  

       Photographs:   3450 - Natalie Forman with Graham Bradley and Triumph man John Davies. 3443 - Arthur Browning. 3432 - Mick Parkes (Ban)  3494 - Bill Woodcock (Drayton Bantam) 3518 - Mark Lucas (C15). 3568 - Mrs Peggy Bourne of Mucklestone. 3561 - Les Richardson (Villiers Drayton). 3579 - Kevin Walker (Cub) and Neil Roberton. 8748 - Malcolm Holden and Stephen Leyshon (Drayton Bantam). 3498 - Dave Beddoes (OK Supreme).  3533 - Martin Taylor (Sprite) 3486 - Mike Butler (Drayton Bantam). 

  Regards, Hammertight.


More Later with next report.

Natalie Forman with Graham Bradley, and Triumph man John Davies





Arthur repairs his footrest with new bolt.


Kevin Walker and Neil Roberton inspecting the broken cheap clutch lever,

 All levers break, but do you buy cheap or dear?



Mark Lucas.

Is that the ex Dave Langston Mike Mills's BSA?

I thought Wright'y bought?



Dave Beddoes OK Supreme.




Martin Taylor aboard the ex late Frank Hipkins  personal Sprite.


Howard's Wood trial.

"Haste ye Back" as the Scottish Six Day Programme used to say, and across the border in darkness drove these three, intent on reaching England, or more accurately, Howard's Wood!  Jim Pickering, Gavin Andrews and Steve Gollings made it with a couple of hours to spare and signed-on, with thirty two other competitors for the final BMCA trial of the season.

  The intrepid trio had left Kinlochleven after the Pre 65 prize-giving on Saturday evening, after they all finished two days of highland hills and peat bogs. 

 Howard's Wood, in comparison, was being kind... and ten sections of tricky turns and cambers had been set-out by Les Richardson, Mike Butler, Steve Leyshon and Kevin Walker. 

  Mind you, Howard and his Wood are not always in a good mood; it can be a mucky, gripless place, but this late April morning heralded perfect weather and even some dust! 

  Another rider who sped back in the blackness from the Scottish, after spectating there, was Graham Greaves, who fired-up the "old first" Drayton Bantam. 

And Greaves duly claimed his first win in the Intermediate Class!

Cub mounted Dave Jones secured second, with Kevin Walker, also on a Cub,  three marks adrift. Wobbly Bob Davis wasn't that far back either on the Drayton. 

  In the Clubmans, ex-road racer Dave Harrison (BSA) was back on form, holding off a spirited challenge from the Gloucester Cotton of Craig Richardson.  But a "stupid five" on section 10 first time around, when Richardson steered the Cotton the wrong way, sealed his fate...  Steve Lewshon (BSA) was third. There was a noteworthy ride on section three by Stephen Cockayne (C15) who gritted his teeth and pulled-off a fine clean on a section which was taking marks from some Inters.  Al Stringer is a "Blackcountry Mon" who likes his twin cylinders and John Cope was giving the BSA a welcome canter and is just getting the wheels spinning again after a knee operation.        Winning Expert Steve Hay (BSA) was at the top of his game. One observer said "How he did that for three dabs is beyond me!"  Trailing in his wake were Bill Woodcock and Nigel Randall on their Drayton BSA's.       The excellence of the engineering, for which this region is renowned, is always evident in the machines entered in the BMCA series. In a myriad of sheds, workshops, and kitchens, enthusiasts will soon be knee-deep in cutting-oil and swarf, in renewed preparation for the next season later in the year...  The faithful observers will get their  feet up for a change!   And as all those who travelled to and from the Highlands will echo -   "Haste ye back"         Report: Hammertight, Les Richardson and Joe Owen.   

     Photographs ; Hammertight:   0832 - Steve Haines (Cub)     8838 - Jerry Munslow (Bantam)   Results:    Clubmen: Dave Harrison (BSA) 8, Craig Richardson (Cotton) 10, Steve Leyshon (BSA) 13, Luke Stratton (Ban) 17, Andy Hunt (Villiers) 18, George Houghton (Ban) 20, Alan Stringer (BSA) 22, Graham Bradley (DMW) 22, Steve Haines (Cub) 23, Jerry Munslow (Ban) 30, John Cope (BSA) 35, Mick Beech (BSA) 37, Stephen Cockayne (C15) 58.   Intermediates: Graham Greaves (Ban) 27, Dave Jones (Cub) 34, Kevin Walker (Cub) 37, Bob Davis (Ban) 44, John Colclough (James) 48, Mark Strong (Ban) 50, Mike Butler (Ban) 51, Dave Thomas (C15) 52, Martin Taylor (Sprite) 55, Charles Millington (Villiers) 57.      Experts:  Steven Hay (BSA) 3, Bill Woodcock (Ban) 12, Nigel Randall (BSA) 16, Gavin Andrews (Ban) 26, Jim Pickering (Villiers Drayton) 27, Stewart Branford (Ban) 27, Paul Munslow (BSA) 34, Mick Parkes (Ban) 38, Laurence Alden (BSA) 59, Arthur Browning (Jawa) 61, Steve Gollings (Villiers) 76, Joe Owen (Sigma) 77.


Scottish winning "Pre65" Drayton BSA Bantam,


Thought I better put this on for you Jim.



Other Photos later in a New BMCA Photo Gallery. when I get time.


Sadly we have lost both Al Ussher (Hammertight) and Jim Pickering, since this page was made.