BY Emilio Carra.


Over the years there has been a steady trail if you forget the pun, of very different Trials machine coming from the high class design studio, of CCE.

From "Mini OSSA MAR" made from a abandoned Ossa moped to some very classy one off's using a lot of different power plants.

Most of the machines have there own names, which make them even more distinctive.

Enjoy the Photos below. I will get around to doing the information about each when I am given it.

Many thanks again to the Justyn's Norek, for putting me onto this trail of machines.




This is one of the later models named *Kim*, you will see a trend  of using the superb oval extruded Mechanical Steel tubing used on a lot of the models. and also tubing from Columbus who make steel and carbon top end cycle tube sets. I have used some of this amazingly light and strong steel tube in the past on my cycle builds.


Here is one of what could be classed has a "Classic Trials" machine build in every sense of the word, a superb Gilera. Named "Luisin".



And another four-stroke, a superb example of a Classic Trials Machine the 

CCE "Moto Guzzi" Siloko.



What a Class Design of machine this is, it still has that "Classic" look about it, although being a "Mono". I still think that a modern day machine should look like this, with an actual saddle fitted. Is it My Age? What a little "Monkey".

More information about this idilic machine later, I think the motor may be Minarreli.



And another Classic "Twinshock" machine,  is the motor a Rotax's? Name "Puma"...

You can see the use of the rounded rectangle extruded tube on this frame again.



The next few photos show the space frame type design of these machines, with there peripheral tubing that takes most of the forces from the steering head to footrest position, and also picking up the swinging arm pivot.



This underneath shot shows superbly what I have said above, you can almost feel the force direction.



Another example of the same peripheral tube, and Space frame principle.



Suspending the engine unit also makes it part of the frame structure, making it a much more positive feel to ride.



Note the crafty use of two leading shoe brake design on the front too, it can only lead to a better brake as all forces are pushing at once.

 We may not get away with the use in the UK in some trials, but I dont know why?



This is the Ossa moped that spawned the bike below. Neet .



Here it is the neat little "Ossita.", from CCE Design.



With motorcycle competition designers this good in the World, it makes you wonder why the copied norm continues.

You would think that with the few companies remaining in the competition trials bike market,

only feeding fodder to the few works "Trick" riders, and hoping the rest will follow and buy the machine that, may be OK for a few Top  Stunt riders, but are totally inappropriate for the type of "Observed Motorcycle Trials" that most of the rest of the not so shall we say, skilled riders, want to use for a Sunday morning recreational trials competition.


Is it me or are there others that feel the same? and are the major companies heading in the wrong direction?


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Much More Later .